EXP Console Slight Delay

Evercade have just announced a delay of a few weeks with the Evercade EXP in order to meet the very high standards that they apply to all their consoles.

The EXP Release Date is now December 15th (moved from November 24th) so it’s just a 3 week delay.

Personally I think this is a good thing, as I’d rather a few weeks of delay than the release of a sub-optimal console.

Read all about it on their official site here.

Evercade VS Game of the Month

Game of the Month will be exclusive to Evercade VS users and will give you a free indie game every month!
The game will be downloaded as part of a regular monthly update and be available for one month only. In the first full week of every month, the game will change up for a new game!

This will go on for the rest of 2022 and will be available to all Evercade customers at the end of the year as a physical collection – Indie Heroes Collection 2!

Get all the details on the Official Evercade Game of the Month page.

Evercade VS Day 1 Patch

The Evercade VS Founders Edition has started to arrive !

Make sure you update the system to version 2.0.1 by doing the following:

  • Connect to WiFi – you should have done this on first startup (you can redo/reconfigure it in the Settings System Menu)
  • Select the Settings icon (little cog) on the left of the main menu screen
  • Go to SYSTEM and select CHECK FOR UPDATES
  • You will then be prompted to download the update. After a short download, the update patch will install on your console and will automatically reboot.

“What’s new in this day 1 patch ?” I hear you ask….

  • Fixed savestate compatibility with old 1.3.X and below handheld firmware and on select titles.
  • Fixed cart information text errors
  • Added control mapping information for Gate of Doom (Data East Arcade 1)
  • Improved scanline preview in the main menu
  • Improved some menu art assets
  • Added Unsupported Cartridge Dialogue for unsupported cartridges
  • Improved backend performance
  • Fixed launching for development cartridges (Development Program only)

For all details check the official page over on Evercade.co.uk