Evercade VS Game of the Month

Game of the Month will be exclusive to Evercade VS users and will give you a free indie game every month!
The game will be downloaded as part of a regular monthly update and be available for one month only. In the first full week of every month, the game will change up for a new game!

This will go on for the rest of 2022 and will be available to all Evercade customers at the end of the year as a physical collection – Indie Heroes Collection 2!

Get all the details on the Official Evercade Game of the Month page.

Evercade VS Day 1 Patch

The Evercade VS Founders Edition has started to arrive !

Make sure you update the system to version 2.0.1 by doing the following:

  • Connect to WiFi – you should have done this on first startup (you can redo/reconfigure it in the Settings System Menu)
  • Select the Settings icon (little cog) on the left of the main menu screen
  • Go to SYSTEM and select CHECK FOR UPDATES
  • You will then be prompted to download the update. After a short download, the update patch will install on your console and will automatically reboot.

“What’s new in this day 1 patch ?” I hear you ask….

  • Fixed savestate compatibility with old 1.3.X and below handheld firmware and on select titles.
  • Fixed cart information text errors
  • Added control mapping information for Gate of Doom (Data East Arcade 1)
  • Improved scanline preview in the main menu
  • Improved some menu art assets
  • Added Unsupported Cartridge Dialogue for unsupported cartridges
  • Improved backend performance
  • Fixed launching for development cartridges (Development Program only)

For all details check the official page over on Evercade.co.uk