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Atari Lynx:

  • Atari Lynx Hint Book: Click Here
  • Crystal Mines II – From Andrew Thorson – “Here is another one for you on Crystal Mines II – Lynx Collection 1 Level Select – Put in password KIMI hold Select + Start then press B. Use the A and B buttons to cycle through the levels and press the d-pad in any direction to choose the selected level.”

Namco Museum Collection 2:

  • Pac-Attack – From @Sir_top_and_hat : “there’s an ‘Extra button’ required that’s not mentioned in #Evercade manual – Y button turns #pacman to face left/right It really helps”

Mega Cat Collection 1:

Piko Interactive Collection 1:

XenoCrisis / Tanglewood:

Multidude Solution Video – big thanks to popixel for this

Old Towers Solution Video – big thanks to popixel for this

Dragon View

Game emulation bug / workaround – big shoutout to Disa Økland and Shaun Musgrave for this information:
“If you don’t use the in-game save feature and load your game from it at least one during your play through the game will hit a game-ending bug in a late-game dungeon.
This was obviously a rare behavior when playing the original cart so it wasn’t really noticed until people started save-stating their way through in emulators.

All you have to do to avoid it is to save your game using the in-game feature and load the file once.
(This must be done after beating the first boss, as that is where the bug is silently introduced.)”


(Thanks to Andrew Thorson for this information)

Backer Menu : Highlight Options menu – Hold Right + Y + B and press start
Cheat Menu : Highlight Options menu – Hold Left + Y + B and press start
Boss Rush: Highlight Player 1 press and Hold Left+Y+B press start for boss rush
Infinite mode: Highlight Player 1 hold Right+Y+B press start.