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C1Atari Collection 1AdventureAtari 260022 May 2020Action-AdventureAdventure1US: July 1980
C1Atari Collection 1Alien BrigadeAtari 780022 May 2020Rail ShooterRail Shooter1US: 1990
C1Atari Collection 1AquaventureAtari 260022 May 2020Action-AdventureShooter1Unreleased
C1Atari Collection 1AsteroidsAtari 260022 May 2020Multidirectional ShooterShooter1-2 (alt.)US: July 1981
C1Atari Collection 1Canyon BomberAtari 260022 May 2020ActionAction1-2US: April 1979
C1Atari Collection 1CentipedeAtari 260022 May 2020Fixed ShooterShooter1US: May 3 1982, JP: October 1983
C1Atari Collection 1Crystal CastlesAtari 260022 May 2020MazeMaze1US: 1984
C1Atari Collection 1Desert FalconAtari 260022 May 2020ActionAction1-2US: 1987
C1Atari Collection 1Double DunkAtari 260022 May 2020SportsSports1-2US: 1989
C1Atari Collection 1Food FightAtari 780022 May 2020ArcadeAction1-2 (alt.)US: 1986
C1Atari Collection 1GravitarAtari 260022 May 2020Multidirectional ShooterShooter1-2US: October 1983
C1Atari Collection 1Missile CommandAtari 260022 May 2020Shoot 'Em UpShooter1-2 (alt.)US: April 1981
C1Atari Collection 1Motor PsychoAtari 780022 May 2020RacingRacing1US: 1990
C1Atari Collection 1Night DriverAtari 260022 May 2020RacingRacing1US: June 22 1980
C1Atari Collection 1Ninja GolfAtari 780022 May 2020Beat 'Em UpBeat 'Em Up1US: 1990
C1Atari Collection 1SteeplechaseAtari 260022 May 2020RacingRacing1-2US: 1980
C1Atari Collection 1Swordquest EarthworldAtari 260022 May 2020Action-AdventureAdventure1US: October 1982
C1Atari Collection 1TempestAtari 260022 May 2020Tube ShooterShooter1US: 1984
C1Atari Collection 1Video PinballAtari 260022 May 2020PinballPinball1-2 (alt.)US: 1980
C1Atari Collection 1Yars ReturnAtari 260022 May 2020Multidirectional ShooterShooter1-2 (alt.)US: May 1982
C2Namco Museum Collection 1Battle CarsSNES22 May 2020RacingRacing2US: October 1993
C2Namco Museum Collection 1Dig DugNES22 May 2020MazeMaze2US: 1985 JP: June 4 1985
C2Namco Museum Collection 1GalaxianNES22 May 2020Space ShooterShoot 'Em Up1-2 (alt.)US: 1984 JP: September 7 1984
C2Namco Museum Collection 1Libble RabbleSNES22 May 2020Action PuzzlerPuzzle2JP: September 22 1994
C2Namco Museum Collection 1MappyNES22 May 2020PlatformerPlatform2US: April 1989, JP November 26 1986
C2Namco Museum Collection 1Mappy KidsNES22 May 2020PlatformerPlatform2JP: December 22 1989
C2Namco Museum Collection 1Metal MarinesSNES22 May 2020StrategyStrategy1US: December 1993, JP: November 18 1994
C2Namco Museum Collection 1Pac ManNES22 May 2020MazeMaze1-2 (alt.)US: 1984
C2Namco Museum Collection 1Quad ChallengeMegadrive/Genesis22 May 2020RacingRacing2US: 1991
C2Namco Museum Collection 1Star LusterNES22 May 2020Space SimulatorSpace Combat Simulator1JP: 1985
C2Namco Museum Collection 1XeviousNES22 May 2020ShooterShoot 'Em Up1-2 (alt.)US: September 1988, EU: October 25 1989, JP: November 8 1989
C3Data East Collection 1Bad DudesNES22 May 2020Beat 'Em UpBeat 'Em Up1-2US: July 1990, EU: 1990, JP: July 14 1989
C3Data East Collection 1Burger TimeNES22 May 2020PlatformerPlatform1-2 (alt.)US: May 1987, JP: November 27 1985
C3Data East Collection 1Burnin’ Rubber (Bump & Jump)NES22 May 2020RacingRacing1-2US: March 1987, JP: 1986
C3Data East Collection 1Fighter’s HistorySNES22 May 2020FightingFighter1-2US: August 1994, JP: May 27 1994
C3Data East Collection 1Joe & Mac 2: Lost in the tropicsSNES22 May 2020PlatformerPlatform1-2US: April 1994, EU: November 1995, JP: February 18 1994
C3Data East Collection 1Karate ChampNES22 May 2020FightingFighter1-2US: December 1986
C3Data East Collection 1Magical Drop 2SNES22 May 2020PuzzlePuzzle1-2JP: September 20 1996
C3Data East Collection 1Midnight ResistanceMegadrive/Genesis22 May 2020Run and GunRun and Gun1US: 1991
C3Data East Collection 1Side PocketSNES22 May 2020PoolSports1-2US: December 1993, EU: 1994, JP: March 18 1994
C3Data East Collection 1Two Crude DudesMegadrive/Genesis22 May 2020Beat 'Em UpBeat 'Em Up1-2US: 1992
C4Interplay Collection 1BattleChessNES22 May 2020ChessStrategy1US: July 1990
C4Interplay Collection 1BoogermanSNES22 May 2020PlatformerPlatform1US: December 1995, EU: January 25 1996
C4Interplay Collection 1ClayfighterSNES22 May 2020FightingFighter2US: November 15 1993, EU: May 26 1994
C4Interplay Collection 1Earthworm JimMegadrive/Genesis22 May 2020PlatformerPlatform1US: October 1994, EU: November 1994
C4Interplay Collection 1IncantationSNES22 May 2020PlatformerPlatform1US: December 1996, EU: 1996
C4Interplay Collection 1TitanNES22 May 2020PuzzlePuzzle1US: 1988
C5Atari Collection 2Air Sea BattleAtari 260022 May 2020Fixed ShooterShooter1-2US: October 14 1977
C5Atari Collection 2AsteroidsAtari 780022 May 2020ShooterShooter1-2 (alt.)US: 1986
C5Atari Collection 2BasketbrawlAtari 780022 May 2020SportsSports1-2US: 1990
C5Atari Collection 2BowlingAtari 260022 May 2020SportsSports1-2 (alt.)US: January 26 1979
C5Atari Collection 2CentipedeAtari 780022 May 2020Arcade ShooterShooter1US: May 1986
C5Atari Collection 2Dark ChambersAtari 260022 May 2020AdventureAdventure1-2 (alt.)US: April 1989
C5Atari Collection 2Demons to DiamondsAtari 260022 May 2020ShooterShooter1-2US: 1982, JP: 1983
C5Atari Collection 2Desert FalconAtari 780022 May 2020ShooterShooter1-2US: 1987
C5Atari Collection 2Haunted HouseAtari 260022 May 2020AdventureAdventure1US: February 1982
C5Atari Collection 2Human CannonballAtari 260022 May 2020SimulatorSimulator1-2 (alt.)US: 1979
C5Atari Collection 2MillipedeAtari 260022 May 2020ShooterShooter1-2US: March 1984
C5Atari Collection 2Planet SmashersAtari 780022 May 2020ShooterShooter1-2US: 1990
C5Atari Collection 2Radar LockAtari 260022 May 2020Combat SimulatorCombat Simulator1US: 1989, EU: 1989
C5Atari Collection 2Realsports TennisAtari 260022 May 2020SportsSports1-2US: April 1983
C5Atari Collection 2SolarisAtari 260022 May 2020Space Combat SimulatorSpace Combat Simulator1-2US: 1986
C5Atari Collection 2SprintmasterAtari 260022 May 2020RacingRacing1-2US: 1988
C5Atari Collection 2Street RacerAtari 260022 May 2020RacingRacing1-2US: September 11 1977
C5Atari Collection 2Submarine CommanderAtari 260022 May 2020Submarine SimulatorSimulator1US: 1982
C5Atari Collection 2WizardAtari 260022 May 2020AdventureAdventure1-2US: October 2005
C5Atari Collection 2Yars’ RevengeAtari 260022 May 2020ShooterShooter1-2 (alt.)US: 1981, JP: 1983
C6Namco Museum Collection 2Burning ForceMegadrive/Genesis22 May 2020ShooterShooter1-2US: 1990
C6Namco Museum Collection 2Dig Dug 2NES22 May 2020ActionAction1-2 (alt.)US: December 15 1989, EU: October 8 2015, JP: April 18 1986
C6Namco Museum Collection 2Dragon SpiritNES22 May 2020Vertical ShooterShoot 'Em Up1US: June 1990, JP: April 14 1989
C6Namco Museum Collection 2GalagaNES22 May 2020Fixed ShooterShooter1-2US: September 1988, EU: 1988, JP: February 15 1985
C6Namco Museum Collection 2Pac-AttackSNES22 May 2020PuzzlePuzzle1-2US: October 10 1993, EU: 1993
C6Namco Museum Collection 2PheliosMegadrive/Genesis22 May 2020Vertical ShooterShoot 'Em Up1-2US: 1990
C6Namco Museum Collection 2Splatterhouse 2Megadrive/Genesis22 May 2020Beat 'Em UpBeat 'Em Up1US: July 1992, EU: 1992, JP: August 4 1992
C6Namco Museum Collection 2Splatterhouse 3Megadrive/Genesis22 May 2020Beat 'Em UpBeat 'Em Up1US: August 1993, JP: March 19 1993
C6Namco Museum Collection 2Tower of DruagaNES22 May 2020Action RPGAction RPG1-2JP: June 1984
C6Namco Museum Collection 2Warp ManNES22 May 2020Multidirectional ShooterShooter1-2US: July 12 1985
C6Namco Museum Collection 2Weapon LordSNES22 May 2020FightingFighter1-2US: October 1995
C7Interplay Collection 2Clayfighter 2SNES22 May 2020FightingFighter1-2US: January 1 1995, EU: May 23 1995
C7Interplay Collection 2ClaymatesSNES22 May 2020PlatformerPlatform1US: April 26 1994, EU: November 20 1993
C7Interplay Collection 2Earthworm Jim 2SNES22 May 2020PlatformerPlatform1US: November 15 1995, EU: January 25 1996
C7Interplay Collection 2Prehistorik ManSNES22 May 2020PlatformerPlatform1US: January 1996, EU: June 27 1996, JP: June 23 1995
C7Interplay Collection 2The Adventures of Rad GravityNES22 May 2020PlatformerPlatform1-2US: December 1990, EU: May 30 1991, AU: 1991
C7Interplay Collection 2The BrainiesSNES22 May 2020PuzzlePuzzle1US: April 1996
C8Mega Cat Studios Collection 1Almost HeroNES22 May 2020ActionBeat 'Em Up1US: 2017
C8Mega Cat Studios Collection 1Coffee CrisisMegadrive/Genesis22 May 2020Beat 'Em UpBeat 'Em Up1-2US: February 24 2017
C8Mega Cat Studios Collection 1Creepy BrawlersNES22 May 2020FightingFighter1US: 2017
C8Mega Cat Studios Collection 1Justice DuelNES22 May 2020ActionAction1-4US: 2017
C8Mega Cat Studios Collection 1Little MedusaMegadrive/Genesis22 May 2020PuzzlePuzzle1-2US: August 2018
C8Mega Cat Studios Collection 1Log JammersNES22 May 2020SportsSports1-2US: 2017
C8Mega Cat Studios Collection 1MultidudeNES22 May 2020ActionPuzzle1US: 2019
C8Mega Cat Studios Collection 1Old TowersMegadrive/Genesis22 May 2020PuzzlePuzzle1-2US: February 28 2019
C8Mega Cat Studios Collection 1Super PainterNES22 May 2020PuzzlePuzzle1US: 2019
C8Mega Cat Studios Collection 1TänzerMegadrive/Genesis22 May 2020ActionRun and Gun1US: March 26 2019
C9Piko Interactive Collection 18-EyesNES22 May 2020PlatformerAction Platform1-2 (alt.)US: January 1990, JP: September 27 1988
C9Piko Interactive Collection 1Brave Battle SagaMegadrive/Genesis22 May 2020RPGRPG1US: May 2018
C9Piko Interactive Collection 1Canon - Legends of the New GodsMegadrive/Genesis22 May 2020RPGRPG1US: April 15 2019
C9Piko Interactive Collection 1Dorke and YmpSNES22 May 2020PlatformerPlatform1US: August 6 2015
C9Piko Interactive Collection 1Dragon ViewSNES22 May 2020Action RPGAction RPG1US: November 1994, JP: August 26 1994
C9Piko Interactive Collection 1DrakkhenSNES22 May 2020RPGRPG1US: September 1991
C9Piko Interactive Collection 1Iron CommandoSNES22 May 2020Beat 'Em UpBeat 'Em Up2JP: February 10 1995
C9Piko Interactive Collection 1Jim PowerSNES22 May 2020PlatformerPlatform1US: December 10 1993
C9Piko Interactive Collection 1Magic GirlMegadrive/Genesis22 May 2020ShooterShoot 'Em Up1US: 1993
C9Piko Interactive Collection 1NightShadeNES22 May 2020Action AdventureAdventure1US: January 1992
C9Piko Interactive Collection 1Power Piggs of the Dark AgesSNES22 May 2020PlatformerPlatform2US: May 1996, EU: September 29 1997
C9Piko Interactive Collection 1Power Punch IINES22 May 2020SportsSports1US: June 12 1992
C9Piko Interactive Collection 1Radical RexMegadrive/Genesis22 May 2020ActionPlatform2US: October 1994, EU: September 1994
C9Piko Interactive Collection 1SwitchbladeMegadrive/Genesis22 May 2020PlatformerPlatform1US: April 15 2019
C9Piko Interactive Collection 1The HumansSNES22 May 2020PuzzlePuzzle1EU: May 1992
C9Piko Interactive Collection 1The ImmortalMegadrive/Genesis22 May 2020RPGRPG1US: July 11 1991
C9Piko Interactive Collection 1TinheadMegadrive/Genesis22 May 2020PlatformerPlatform1US: April 15 2019
C9Piko Interactive Collection 1Top RacerSNES22 May 2020RacingRacing2US: April 1992, EU: November 19 1992, JP: March 27 1992
C9Piko Interactive Collection 1Water MarginMegadrive/Genesis22 May 2020Beat 'Em UpBeat 'Em Up2US: August 6 2015
C9Piko Interactive Collection 1Way of the exploding fistNES22 May 2020FightingFighter2Unreleased
C10Technōs Collection 1Crash ‘N’ The Boys: Street ChallengeNES22 May 2020SportsSports1-4US: October 1992, JP: June 26 1992
C10Technōs Collection 1Double DragonNES22 May 2020Beat 'Em UpBeat 'Em Up1-2US: June 1988, EU: 1990, JP: April 8 1988
C10Technōs Collection 1Double Dragon II: The RevengeNES22 May 2020Beat 'Em UpBeat 'Em Up1-2US: January 17 1990, JP: December 22 1989
C10Technōs Collection 1RenegadeNES22 May 2020Beat 'Em UpBeat 'Em Up1-2US: January 1988, JP: April 17 1987
C10Technōs Collection 1River City RansomNES22 May 2020Beat 'Em UpBeat 'Em Up1-2US: January 1990, EU: 1992, JP: April 25 1989
C10Technōs Collection 1Super Dodge BallNES22 May 2020SportsSports1-2US: June 1989, JP: July 26 1988
C10Technōs Collection 1Super Double DragonSNES22 May 2020Beat 'Em UpBeat 'Em Up1-2US: October 8 1992, EU: September 30 1993
C10Technōs Collection 1Super Spike V’ballNES22 May 2020SportsSports1-2US: February 1990, EU: January 23 1992, JP: November 10 1989
C11Xenocrisis / TanglewoodTanglewoodMegadrive/Genesis23 Oct 2020PlatformerPlatform1-2US: August 14 2018
C11Xenocrisis / TanglewoodXenocrisisMegadrive/Genesis23 Oct 2020ShooterShooter1-2US: October 28 2019
C12The Oliver Twins CollectionBMX SimulatorNES23 Oct 2020RacingRacing1-2US: March 1993
C12The Oliver Twins CollectionDizzy The AdventurerNES23 Oct 2020AdventurePuzzle Platform1-2US: November 1992
C12The Oliver Twins CollectionDreamWorld PogieNES23 Oct 2020PlatformerPlatform1-2US: May 2017
C12The Oliver Twins CollectionFantastic DizzyNES23 Oct 2020AdventurePuzzle Platform1US: April 1992
C12The Oliver Twins CollectionFireHawkNES23 Oct 2020Air CombatShooter1-2US: September 1992
C12The Oliver Twins CollectionGo! Dizzy Go!NES23 Oct 2020PuzzlePuzzle1-2US: November 1992
C12The Oliver Twins CollectionMystery World DizzyNES23 Oct 2020AdventurePuzzle Platform1-2US: February 2018
C12The Oliver Twins CollectionPanic DizzyNES23 Oct 2020PuzzlePuzzle1-2US: May 1990
C12The Oliver Twins CollectionSuper Robin HoodNES23 Oct 2020AdventurePlatform1US: November 1986
C12The Oliver Twins CollectionTreasure Island DizzyNES23 Oct 2020AdventurePuzzle Platform1US: August 1988
C12The Oliver Twins CollectionWonderland DizzyNES23 Oct 2020AdventurePuzzle Platform1US: November 2015
C13Atari Lynx Collection 1Awesome GolfAtari Lynx27 Nov 2020SportsSports1US: December 1991, EU: 1991
C13Atari Lynx Collection 1BasketbrawlAtari Lynx27 Nov 2020SportsSports1US: 1992, EU: 1992
C13Atari Lynx Collection 1Crystal Mines II: Buried TreasureAtari Lynx27 Nov 2020PuzzlePuzzle1US: 1992
C13Atari Lynx Collection 1CyberVirusAtari Lynx27 Nov 2020First Person ShooterFPS1US: 2002
C13Atari Lynx Collection 1Dracula the UndeadAtari Lynx27 Nov 2020AdventureAdventure1US: 1991, EU: 1991
C13Atari Lynx Collection 1Gordo 106Atari Lynx27 Nov 2020PlatformerPlatform1US: August 1993, EU: 1993
C13Atari Lynx Collection 1Ishido: The Way of StonesAtari Lynx27 Nov 2020PuzzlePuzzle1US: 1991
C13Atari Lynx Collection 1Jimmy Connors TennisAtari Lynx27 Nov 2020SportsSports1US: August 1993, EU: 1993
C13Atari Lynx Collection 1LoopzAtari Lynx27 Nov 2020PuzzlePuzzle1US: 2004
C13Atari Lynx Collection 1Malibu Bikini VolleyballAtari Lynx27 Nov 2020SportsSports1US: June 1993, EU: 1993
C13Atari Lynx Collection 1MegapakAtari Lynx27 Nov 2020MiscellaneousMiscellaneous1US: September 1 2019
C13Atari Lynx Collection 1Power FactorAtari Lynx27 Nov 2020ActionRun and Gun1US: February 1993, EU: 1993
C13Atari Lynx Collection 1RemnantAtari Lynx27 Nov 2020Space ShooterSpace Combat Simulator1US: August 5 2000
C13Atari Lynx Collection 1Scrapyard DogAtari Lynx27 Nov 2020ActionPlatform1US: 1990, EU: 1990
C13Atari Lynx Collection 1Super Asteroids/Missile CommandAtari Lynx27 Nov 2020Shoot 'Em UpShooter1US: 1995
C13Atari Lynx Collection 1Super SqweekAtari Lynx27 Nov 2020PuzzlePuzzle1US: 1991
C13Atari Lynx Collection 1XumpAtari Lynx27 Nov 2020PuzzlePuzzle1US: 2019
C14Atari Lynx Collection 2Blue LightningAtari Lynx27 Nov 2020Flight CombatCombat Simulator1US: 1989, EU: 1989, JP: December 1 1989
C14Atari Lynx Collection 2California GamesAtari Lynx27 Nov 2020SportsSports1US: 1989
C14Atari Lynx Collection 2Checkered FlagAtari Lynx27 Nov 2020RacingRacing1US: 1991, EU: 1991
C14Atari Lynx Collection 2Chips ChallengeAtari Lynx27 Nov 2020PuzzlePuzzle1US: 1989
C14Atari Lynx Collection 2Electro CopAtari Lynx27 Nov 2020ActionAction1US: 1989, EU: 1989, JP: November 25 1989
C14Atari Lynx Collection 2Gates of ZendoconAtari Lynx27 Nov 2020Space ShooterShoot 'Em Up1US: 1989, EU: 1989, JP: December 23 1989
C14Atari Lynx Collection 2Todd’s Adventures in SlimeworldAtari Lynx27 Nov 2020PlatformerPlatform1US: October 1990
C14Atari Lynx Collection 2Zarlor MercenaryAtari Lynx27 Nov 2020ShooterShoot 'Em Up1US: 1990
C15Jaleco Collection 1AstyanaxNES1 Apr 2021 US, 23 Apr 2021 UK & EUHack 'n' slashHack 'n' Slash1US: March 1990, EU: 1990, JP: December 21 1989
C15Jaleco Collection 1Bases LoadedNES1 Apr 2021 US, 23 Apr 2021 UK & EUSportsSports1-2US: Spetember 1988, JP: June 26 1987
C15Jaleco Collection 1Brawl BrothersSNES1 Apr 2021 US, 23 Apr 2021 UK & EUBeat 'Em UpBeat 'Em Up1-2US: March 11 1993, EU: 1993, JP: December 22 1992
C15Jaleco Collection 1City ConnectionNES1 Apr 2021 US, 23 Apr 2021 UK & EUPlatformerPlatform1-2US: May 1988, EU: 1988, JP: September 27 1985
C15Jaleco Collection 1Earth Defense ForceSNES1 Apr 2021 US, 23 Apr 2021 UK & EUSpace ShooterShoot 'Em Up1-2US: January 1992, EU: 1992, SP: October 25 1991
C15Jaleco Collection 1Ignition FactorSNES1 Apr 2021 US, 23 Apr 2021 UK & EUAction1US: January 1995, JP: November 11 1994
C15Jaleco Collection 1Operation Logic BombSNES1 Apr 2021 US, 23 Apr 2021 UK & EUAction1-2US: September 1993, EU: 1993, JP: April 23 1993
C15Jaleco Collection 1Rival TurfSNES1 Apr 2021 US, 23 Apr 2021 UK & EUBeat 'Em Up1-2US: April 23 1992, EU: 1993, JP: March 27 1992
C15Jaleco Collection 1Super GOAL! 2SNES1 Apr 2021 US, 23 Apr 2021 UK & EUSports1-2US: April 1994, JP: November 26 1993
C15Jaleco Collection 1Totally RadNES1 Apr 2021 US, 23 Apr 2021 UK & EUPlatform1US: March 29 1991, EU: 1990, JP: September 28 1990
C16Piko Interactive Collection 2Brutal Sports FootballMegadrive/Genesis1 Apr 2021 US, 23 Apr 2021 UK & EUSportsSports1-2US: 1993
C16Piko Interactive Collection 2Eliminator Boat DuelNES1 Apr 2021 US, 23 Apr 2021 UK & EUDriving and RacingRacing1-2US: November 1991, EU: April 29 1993
C16Piko Interactive Collection 2Football MadnessPlaystation 11 Apr 2021 US, 23 Apr 2021 UK & EUSportsSports1-2EU: March 28 2003
C16Piko Interactive Collection 2Full Throttle All American RacingSNES1 Apr 2021 US, 23 Apr 2021 UK & EUDriving and RacingRacing1-2US: January 1995, EU: 1994, JP: December 16 1994
C16Piko Interactive Collection 2Hoops, Shut Up and JamMegadrive/Genesis1 Apr 2021 US, 23 Apr 2021 UK & EUSportsSports1-4US: 1993, EU: April 1994, BRA: 1994
C16Piko Interactive Collection 2Hoops, Shut Up and Jam 2Megadrive/Genesis1 Apr 2021 US, 23 Apr 2021 UK & EUSportsSports1-4US: June 1995
C16Piko Interactive Collection 2Power FootballMegadrive/Genesis1 Apr 2021 US, 23 Apr 2021 UK & EUSportsSports1-2US: September 1991
C16Piko Interactive Collection 2Racing FeverGameboy Advance1 Apr 2021 US, 23 Apr 2021 UK & EUDriving and RacingRacing1EU: 2005
C16Piko Interactive Collection 2Soccer KidSNES1 Apr 2021 US, 23 Apr 2021 UK & EUPlatformerPlatform1US: August 1994, EU: June 1994, JP: December 28 1993
C16Piko Interactive Collection 2Summer ChallengeMegadrive/Genesis1 Apr 2021 US, 23 Apr 2021 UK & EUSportsSports1-2US: May 26 1993
C16Piko Interactive Collection 2Top Racer 2SNES1 Apr 2021 US, 23 Apr 2021 UK & EUDriving and RacingRacing1-2US: August 8 1993, EU: 1993, JP: December 22 1993
C16Piko Interactive Collection 2Winter ChallengeMegadrive/Genesis1 Apr 2021 US, 23 Apr 2021 UK & EUSportsSports1-2US: 1991, EU: 1991, JP: 1991
C16Piko Interactive Collection 2World Trophy SoccerMegadrive/Genesis1 Apr 2021 US, 23 Apr 2021 UK & EUSportsSports1-2 (1-8 alt.)US: 1992, EU: 1992, JP: February 26 1993
C17Indie Heroes Collection 1Alien Cat 2Megadrive/Genesis28 May 2021PuzzlePuzzle1US: October 12 2020
C17Indie Heroes Collection 1AngunaGameboy Advance28 May 2021Role-playingAction RPG1US: June 23 2008
C17Indie Heroes Collection 1Chain BreakGameboy28 May 2021ActionAction1US: 2019
C17Indie Heroes Collection 1DeadeusGameboy28 May 2021AdventureRPG1US: March 2021
C17Indie Heroes Collection 1DebtorMegadrive/Genesis28 May 2021PlatformerPuzzle Platform1US: August 15 2020
C17Indie Heroes Collection 1Doodle WorldNES28 May 2021PlatformerPlatform1US: January 2021
C17Indie Heroes Collection 1Flea!NES28 May 2021PlatformerPlatform1US: November 2020
C17Indie Heroes Collection 1FoxylandMegadrive/Genesis28 May 2021PlatformerPlatform1US: August 15 2020
C17Indie Heroes Collection 1Kubo 3NES28 May 2021ActionAction RPG1US: July 21 2020
C17Indie Heroes Collection 1PLOIDNES28 May 2021PlatformerPlatform1US: October 2020
C17Indie Heroes Collection 1Quest ArrestGameboy28 May 2021Role-playingRPG1US: March 2020
C17Indie Heroes Collection 1Super Homebrew WarNES28 May 2021ActionFighter1-4US: 2018
C17Indie Heroes Collection 1Twin DragonsNES28 May 2021PlatformerPlatform1US: 2016
C17Indie Heroes Collection 1UchūsenNES28 May 2021Shoot 'em upShoot 'Em Up1US: June 2020
C18Worms Collection 1WormsMegadrive/Genesis28 May 2021StrategyStrategy1-4EU: August 8 1996
C18Worms Collection 1Worms ArmageddonPlaystation 128 May 2021StrategyStrategy1-4US: November 30 1999
C18Worms Collection 1Worms Blast!Gameboy Advance28 May 2021PuzzlePuzzle1EU: December 6 2002
C19Codemasters Collection 1Bee 52NESMid 2021Shoot 'em upPlatform1-2US: 1992
C19Codemasters Collection 1Big Nose Freaks OutNESMid 2021PlatformerPlatform1-2US: 1992
C19Codemasters Collection 1Big Nose the CavemanNESMid 2021PlatformerPlatform1-2US: 1991
C19Codemasters Collection 1Boomerang KidNESMid 2021PlatformerPlatform1US: 1991
C19Codemasters Collection 1Cannon FodderMegadrive/GenesisMid 2021Shooter1-2US: 1994
C19Codemasters Collection 1CJ’s Elephant AnticsNESMid 2021Platform1-2US: 1992
C19Codemasters Collection 1Cosmic SpaceheadMegadrive/GenesisMid 2021Adventure1-2US: November 2 1993
C19Codemasters Collection 1F-16 RenegadeNESMid 2021Combat Simulator1-2US: 1992
C19Codemasters Collection 1Linus SpaceheadNESMid 2021Adventure1-2US: 1991
C19Codemasters Collection 1Mega-Lo-ManiaMegadrive/GenesisMid 2021Strategy1-2US: 1991, EU: 1991, JP: 1993
C19Codemasters Collection 1MiG 29 - Soviet FighterNESMid 2021Combat Simulator1-2US: 1989
C19Codemasters Collection 1Psycho PinballMegadrive/GenesisMid 2021Pinball1-4US: 1994
C19Codemasters Collection 1Sensible SoccerMegadrive/GenesisMid 2021Sports1-2EU: 1994
C19Codemasters Collection 1Stunt BuggiesNESMid 2021Racing1-2US: 1992
C19Codemasters Collection 1Super SkidmarksMegadrive/GenesisMid 2021Racing1-2US: 1995
C19Codemasters Collection 1Tennis All-StarsMegadrive/GenesisMid 2021Sports1-4US: 1994
C19Codemasters Collection 1The Ultimate StuntmanNESMid 2021Action1-2US: 1990
C20Mega Cat Studios Collection 2Alter Ego DreamwalkerMegadrive/GenesisAugust 2021Puzzle1US: September 16 2020
C20Mega Cat Studios Collection 2Arkagis RevolutionMegadrive/GenesisAugust 2021Shooter1US: July 10 2020
C20Mega Cat Studios Collection 2DevWill TooMegadrive/GenesisAugust 2021Platform1US: December 2019
C20Mega Cat Studios Collection 2GlufMegadrive/GenesisAugust 2021Puzzle1US: May 18 2020
C20Mega Cat Studios Collection 2MisplacedMegadrive/GenesisAugust 2021Puzzle1US: May 28 2019
C20Mega Cat Studios Collection 2Romeow & JulicatMegadrive/GenesisAugust 2021Puzzle2US: June 1 2020
C20Mega Cat Studios Collection 2Roniu’s TaleNESAugust 2021Platform1US: June 2021
C20Mega Cat Studios Collection 2YazzieMegadrive/GenesisAugust 2021Puzzle1US: March 26 2020
C21Intellivision Collection 1AstrosmashIntellivisionSeptember 2021Shooter1US: October 15 1981, EU: 1982
C21Intellivision Collection 1Buzz BombersIntellivisionSeptember 2021Action Platform1-2US: 1982
C21Intellivision Collection 1Frog BogIntellivisionSeptember 2021Action1-2US: 1982
C21Intellivision Collection 1Night StalkerIntellivisionSeptember 2021Action1-2US: May 6 1982
C21Intellivision Collection 1PinballIntellivisionSeptember 2021Pinball1-2US: 1983
C21Intellivision Collection 1Princess QuestIntellivisionSeptember 2021Platform1US: April 2015
C21Intellivision Collection 1Shark SharkIntellivisionSeptember 2021Action1-2US: December 6 1982
C21Intellivision Collection 1Slap Shot Super Pro HockeyIntellivisionSeptember 2021Sports1-2US: 1987
C21Intellivision Collection 1SnafuIntellivisionSeptember 2021Puzzle1-4US: October 15 1981
C21Intellivision Collection 1Thin IceIntellivisionSeptember 2021Puzzle1-2US: 1986
C21Intellivision Collection 1Thunder CastleIntellivisionSeptember 2021Action1US: 1986
C21Intellivision Collection 1Word RocketsIntellivisionSeptember 2021Puzzle1-2US: November 5 1980
C22Bitmap Brothers Collection 1SpeedballSega Master SystemSeptember 2021Sports1-2US: 1988
C22Bitmap Brothers Collection 1Speedball 2: Brutal DeluxeMegadrive/GenesisSeptember 2021Sports1-2US: 1990
C22Bitmap Brothers Collection 1Speedball 2100Playstation 1September 2021Sports1-2US: October 24 2000
C22Bitmap Brothers Collection 1The Chaos EngineSNESSeptember 2021Shooter1-2EU: March 1994
C22Bitmap Brothers Collection 1Xenon 2: MegablastMegadrive/GenesisSeptember 2021Shoot 'Em Up1US: February 1992
A1Technos Arcade 1Battle Lane Vol. 5ArcadeNovember 2021Shooter1-2US: 1986
A1Technos Arcade 1Block OutArcadeNovember 2021Puzzle1US: October 1989
A1Technos Arcade 1Double Dragon II: The RevengeArcadeNovember 2021Beat 'Em Up1-2US: November 1988, EU: January 1989, JP: December 1988
A1Technos Arcade 1Double Dragon III: The Rosetta StoneArcadeNovember 2021Beat 'Em Up1-2US: November 1990, JP: January 1991
A1Technos Arcade 1Mania ChallengeArcadeNovember 2021Sports1-2US: 1986
A1Technos Arcade 1Minky MonkeyArcadeNovember 2021Platform1-2US: 1982
A1Technos Arcade 1Mysterious Stones: Dr John's AdventureArcadeNovember 2021Puzzle1US: November 1984
A1Technos Arcade 1The CombatribesArcadeNovember 2021Beat 'Em Up1-2JP: June 1990
A2Data East Arcade 1Bad Dudes Vs. Dragon NinjaArcadeNovember 2021Beat 'Em Up1-2JP: 1988, EU: 1988
A2Data East Arcade 1BreakthruArcadeNovember 2021Puzzle1-2 (alt.)US: 1986
A2Data East Arcade 1Burger TimeArcadeNovember 2021Platform1-2 (alt.)US: November 1982, EU: December 1982, JP: August 25 1982
A2Data East Arcade 1Chain Reaction (Magical Drop)ArcadeNovember 2021Puzzle1-2JP: 1995
A2Data East Arcade 1Dark Seal (Gate Of Doom)ArcadeNovember 2021Action RPG1-2US: 1990, JP: 1990
A2Data East Arcade 1Darwin 4078ArcadeNovember 2021Shoot 'Em Up1JP: March 1986
A2Data East Arcade 1Lock 'N' ChaseArcadeNovember 2021Maze1JP: June 19 1981
A2Data East Arcade 1Sly SpyArcadeNovember 2021Shooter1-2 (alt.)JP: 1989
A2Data East Arcade 1TumblepopArcadeNovember 2021Action Platform1-2US: 1991, EU: 1991, JP: November 1991
A2Data East Arcade 1Wizard FireArcadeNovember 2021Hack 'n' Slash1-2US: 1990, JP: 1990
A3Galeco Arcade 1Alligator HuntArcadeNovember 2021Rail Shooter1-2SP: 1994, JP: 1995
A3Galeco Arcade 1Biomechanical ToyArcadeNovember 2021Platform1US: 1995
A3Galeco Arcade 1GlassArcadeNovember 2021Puzzle1US: 1993
A3Galeco Arcade 1Snow Board ChampionshipArcadeNovember 2021Racing1US: 1996
A3Galeco Arcade 1Thunder HoopArcadeNovember 2021Action Platform1US: 1992
A3Galeco Arcade 1World RallyArcadeNovember 2021Racing1US: 1993
A4Atari Arcade 1Asteroids DeluxeArcadeNovember 2021Shooter1-2 (alt.)US: April 1981
A4Atari Arcade 1Canyon BomberArcadeNovember 2021Shooter1-2 (alt.)US: 1977
A4Atari Arcade 1CentipedeArcadeNovember 2021Shooter1-2 (alt.)US: June 6 1981, EU: 1981, JP: March 1983
A4Atari Arcade 1Crystal CastlesArcadeNovember 2021Maze1-2 (alt.)US: July 8 1983
A4Atari Arcade 1LiberatorArcadeNovember 2021Shooter1-2US: 1982
A4Atari Arcade 1Lunar LanderArcadeNovember 2021Simulator1US: August 1979
A4Atari Arcade 1MillipedeArcadeNovember 2021Shooter1-2 (alt.)US: November 12 1982, EU: April 1983, JP: 1984
A4Atari Arcade 1Missile CommandArcadeNovember 2021Shooter1US: July 1980, EU: 1980, JP: July 1980
A4Atari Arcade 1Night DriverArcadeNovember 2021Racing1US: October 1976, EU: 1976, JP: April 1977
A4Atari Arcade 1PongArcadeNovember 2021Sports1-2US: November 29 1972, EU: 1973, JP: November 1973
A4Atari Arcade 1SkydiverArcadeNovember 2021Simulator1-2 (alt.)US: 1978
A4Atari Arcade 1Super BreakoutArcadeNovember 2021Sports1-2 (alt.)US: September 1978
A4Atari Arcade 1WarlordsArcadeNovember 2021Action1-4US: 1980
C23Renovation Collection 1Arcus OdysseyMegadrive/GenesisEarly 2022Action1-21991
C23Renovation Collection 1Beast WrestlerMegadrive/GenesisEarly 2022Fighter1-21991
C23Renovation Collection 1Dino LandMegadrive/GenesisEarly 2022Pinball1-21991
C23Renovation Collection 1El VientoMegadrive/GenesisEarly 2022Platform11991
C23Renovation Collection 1ExileMegadrive/GenesisEarly 2022Action RPG11991
C23Renovation Collection 1Final ZoneMegadrive/GenesisEarly 2022Shooter11990
C23Renovation Collection 1GaiaresMegadrive/GenesisEarly 2022Shoot 'Em Up11990
C23Renovation Collection 1GranadaMegadrive/GenesisEarly 2022Shooter11990
C23Renovation Collection 1Sol-DeaceMegadrive/GenesisEarly 2022Shoot 'Em Up11990
C23Renovation Collection 1TraysiaMegadrive/GenesisEarly 2022RPG11992
C23Renovation Collection 1Valis: The Fantasm SoldierMegadrive/GenesisEarly 2022Action Platform11991
C23Renovation Collection 1Valis 3Megadrive/GenesisEarly 2022Action Platform11991
C24Gremlin Collection 1Actua SoccerPlaystation 131 March 2022Sports1-21995
C24Gremlin Collection 1Brain BenderGameboy31 March 2022Puzzle11991
C24Gremlin Collection 1Hardcore 4X4Playstation 131 March 2022Racing11996
C24Gremlin Collection 1Premier Manager 97Megadrive/Genesis31 March 2022Sports1-21996
C24Gremlin Collection 1Utopia: The Creation Of A NationSNES31 March 2022Strategy11993
C24Gremlin Collection 1ZoolMegadrive/Genesis31 March 2022Platform11992
C25Morphcat Games Collection 1Micro MagesNES31 May 2022Action Platform1-42019
C25Morphcat Games Collection 1SpacegullsNES31 May 2022Action1-22021
C25Morphcat Games Collection 1Super Bat Puncher (Demo)NES31 May 2022Action1-22011
C25Morphcat Games Collection 1Micro Mages Second QuestNES31 May 2022Action Platform1-42022
C25Morphcat Games Collection 1BöblNES31 May 2022Action12020
C26Intellivision Collection 2Cloudy MountainIntellivision31 May 2022Action11982
C26Intellivision Collection 2Tower of DoomIntellivision31 May 2022Action11987
C26Intellivision Collection 2Hover ForceIntellivision31 May 2022Simulator11986
C26Intellivision Collection 2Star StrikeIntellivision31 May 2022Space Combat Simulator11981
C26Intellivision Collection 2VectronIntellivision31 May 2022Strategy1-21983
C26Intellivision Collection 2Auto RacingIntellivision31 May 2022Racing1-21980
C26Intellivision Collection 2Sharp ShotIntellivision31 May 2022Sports1-21982
C26Intellivision Collection 2Stadium Mud BuggiesIntellivision31 May 2022Racing1-21989
C26Intellivision Collection 2Super Pro DecathlonIntellivision31 May 2022Sports1-41988
C26Intellivision Collection 2MotocrossIntellivision31 May 2022Racing1-21983
C26Intellivision Collection 2Mountain Madness Super Pro SkiingIntellivision31 May 2022Sports1-41988
C26Intellivision Collection 2ReversiIntellivision31 May 2022Board Game1-21982
C27Alwa's Awakening / CathedralAlwa's AwakeningNESOctober 2022Action Platform12022
C27Alwa's Awakening / CathedralCathedralEvercade NativeOctober 2022Action Platform12022
A5Jaleco Arcade Collection 1Rod LandArcadeJuly 2022Platform1-21990
A5Jaleco Arcade Collection 1Saint DragonArcadeJuly 2022Shoot 'Em Up1-21989
A5Jaleco Arcade Collection 1E.D.F. Earth Defense ForceArcadeJuly 2022Shoot 'Em Up1-21991
A5Jaleco Arcade Collection 1Avenging SpiritArcadeJuly 2022Action Platform1-21991
A5Jaleco Arcade Collection 164th Street: A Detective StoryArcadeJuly 2022Beat 'Em Up1-21991
A5Jaleco Arcade Collection 1CybattlerArcadeJuly 2022Shooter1-21993
A5Jaleco Arcade Collection 1P-47: The Phantom FighterArcadeJuly 2022Shoot 'Em Up1-21988
A5Jaleco Arcade Collection 1The AstyanaxArcadeJuly 2022Hack 'n' Slash11989
A6Gaelco Arcade Collection 2Big KarnakArcadeJuly 2022Action Platform1-21991
A6Gaelco Arcade Collection 2TH Strikes Back: Thunder Hoop 2ArcadeJuly 2022Action Platform1-21994
A6Gaelco Arcade Collection 2World Rally 2ArcadeJuly 2022Racing11995
A6Gaelco Arcade Collection 2Maniac SquareArcadeJuly 2022Puzzle1-21996
A6Gaelco Arcade Collection 2SquashArcadeJuly 2022Sports1-21992
A6Gaelco Arcade Collection 2Touch and GoArcadeJuly 2022Sports1-21995
A7Irem Arcade 1R-TypeArcadeWinter 2022Shoot 'Em Up1-21987
A7Irem Arcade 1Moon PatrolArcadeWinter 2022Action1-21982
A7Irem Arcade 110-Yard FightArcadeWinter 2022Sports1-21983
A7Irem Arcade 1Battle ChopperArcadeWinter 2022Shooter1-21987
A7Irem Arcade 1Lightning SwordsArcadeWinter 2022Hack 'n' Slash1-21991
A7Irem Arcade 1In The HuntArcadeWinter 2022Shoot 'Em Up1-21993
A8Toaplan Arcade 1Tiger-HeliArcadeWinter 2022Shoot 'Em Up1-21985
A8Toaplan Arcade 1AlconArcadeWinter 2022Shoot 'Em Up1-21986
A8Toaplan Arcade 1GuardianArcadeWinter 2022Beat 'Em Up1-21986
A8Toaplan Arcade 1Flying SharkArcadeWinter 2022Shoot 'Em Up1-21987
A8Toaplan Arcade 1TruxtonArcadeWinter 2022Shoot 'Em Up1-21988
A8Toaplan Arcade 1Zero WingArcadeWinter 2022Shoot 'Em Up1-21989
A8Toaplan Arcade 1Snow BrosArcadeWinter 2022Action Platform1-21990
A8Toaplan Arcade 1Teki-PakiArcadeWinter 2022Puzzle1-21991
HC1The C64 Collection 1Summer GamesCommodore 64October 2022Sports1-81984
HC1The C64 Collection 1Winter GamesCommodore 64October 2022Sports1-81985
HC1The C64 Collection 1Impossible MissionCommodore 64October 2022Action Platform11984
HC1The C64 Collection 1JumpmanCommodore 64October 2022Platform Puzzle1-41983
HC1The C64 Collection 1LeeCommodore 64October 2022Arcade Action1-21984
HC1The C64 Collection 1Gateway to ApshaiCommodore 64October 2022RPG11983
HC1The C64 Collection 1The Movie Monster GameCommodore 64October 2022Action11986
HC1The C64 Collection 1MarauderCommodore 64October 2022Shoot 'Em Up11988
HC1The C64 Collection 1StormlordCommodore 64October 2022Action Platform11989
HC1The C64 Collection 1SubterraneaCommodore 64October 2022Shoot 'Em Up1-21988
HC1The C64 Collection 1Iridis AlphaCommodore 64October 2022Shoot 'Em Up11986
HC1The C64 Collection 1Battle ValleyCommodore 64October 2022Shoot 'Em Up1-21988
HC1The C64 Collection 1AlleykatCommodore 64October 2022Shoot 'Em Up11986
HC1The C64 Collection 1Street Sports BaseballCommodore 64October 2022Sports1-21987
BI1Capcom Collection1942Arcade15 December 2022Shoot 'Em Up1984
BI1Capcom Collection1943Arcade15 December 2022Shoot 'Em Up1987
BI1Capcom Collection1944: The Loop MasterArcade15 December 2022Shoot 'Em Up2000
BI1Capcom CollectionBionic CommandoArcade15 December 2022Platformer1987
BI1Capcom CollectionCaptain CommandoArcade15 December 2022Beat 'Em Up1991
BI1Capcom CollectionCommandoArcade15 December 2022Shoot 'Em Up1985
BI1Capcom CollectionFinal FightArcade15 December 2022Beat 'Em Up1989
BI1Capcom CollectionForgotten WorldsArcade15 December 2022Shoot 'Em Up1988
BI1Capcom CollectionGhouls 'n GhostsArcade15 December 2022Platformer1988
BI1Capcom CollectionLegendary WingsArcade15 December 2022Shoot 'Em Up1986
BI1Capcom CollectionMERCSArcade15 December 2022Shoot 'Em Up1990
BI1Capcom CollectionStreet Fighter II': Hyper FightingArcade15 December 2022Fighter1992
BI1Capcom CollectionStriderArcade15 December 2022Platformer1989
BI1Capcom CollectionVulgusArcade15 December 2022Shoot 'Em Up1984
BI1Capcom CollectionMega ManNES15 December 2022Platformer1987
BI1Capcom CollectionMega Man 2NES15 December 2022Platformer1988
BI1Capcom CollectionMega Man XSNES15 December 2022Platformer1993
BI1Capcom CollectionBreath of FireSNES15 December 2022RPG1993
C28Indie Heroes Collection 2Tapeworm Disco PuzzleNES31 January 2023Puzzle1-22021
C28Indie Heroes Collection 2Nessy The RobotNES31 January 2023Platformer12020
C28Indie Heroes Collection 2Reknum Souls AdventureNES31 January 2023Action RPG12022
C28Indie Heroes Collection 2The Cowlitz Gamers’ Adventure TrilogyNES31 January 2023Platformer1-22016
C28Indie Heroes Collection 2Anguna: Scourge of the Goblin KingNES31 January 2023Action RPG12021
C28Indie Heroes Collection 2Eyra: The Crow MaidenMegadrive/Genesis31 January 2023Platformer12022
C28Indie Heroes Collection 2Lunar JourneyGameboy31 January 2023Adventure12021
C28Indie Heroes Collection 2Yeah Yeah Beebiss IINES31 January 2023Platformer1-22022
C28Indie Heroes Collection 2Gelatanous: Humanity LostGameboy31 January 2023Platformer12022
C28Indie Heroes Collection 2The Gruniożerca TrilogyNES31 January 2023Puzzle12017
C28Indie Heroes Collection 2Nix: The Paradox RelicNES31 January 2023Platformer12020
C28Indie Heroes Collection 2Beer SlingerNES31 January 2023Action12019
A9Toaplan Arcade 2Demon’s WorldArcadeApril 2023Platformer1-21989
A9Toaplan Arcade 2FiresharkArcadeApril 2023Shoot 'Em Up1-21989
A9Toaplan Arcade 2HellfireArcadeApril 2023Shoot 'Em Up1-21989
A9Toaplan Arcade 2Rally BikeArcadeApril 2023Racing1-21988
A9Toaplan Arcade 2Twin CobraArcadeApril 2023Shoot 'Em Up1-21987
A9Toaplan Arcade 2Twin HawkArcadeApril 2023Shoot 'Em Up1-21989
A9Toaplan Arcade 2WardnerArcadeApril 2023Platformer1-21987
HC2The C64 Collection 2California GamesCommodore 64April 2023Sports1-81987
HC2The C64 Collection 2CybernoidCommodore 64April 2023Shoot 'Em Up11988
HC2The C64 Collection 2FirelordCommodore 64April 2023Adventure11986
HC2The C64 Collection 2Impossible Mission IICommodore 64April 2023Platform Puzzle11988
HC2The C64 Collection 2Insects in SpaceCommodore 64April 2023Shoot 'Em Up11989
HC2The C64 Collection 2Mission ImpossibubbleCommodore 64April 2023Maze11989
HC2The C64 Collection 2NebulusCommodore 64April 2023Platform1-21987
HC2The C64 Collection 2Pitstop IICommodore 64April 2023Racing1-21984
HC2The C64 Collection 2SlayerCommodore 64April 2023Shoot 'Em Up1-21988
HC2The C64 Collection 2Street Sports BasketballCommodore 64April 2023Sports1-21987
HC2The C64 Collection 2Sword of FargoalCommodore 64April 2023RPG11983
HC2The C64 Collection 2UridumCommodore 64April 2023Shoot 'Em Up1-21986
HC2The C64 Collection 2World GamesCommodore 64April 2023Sports1-81986
HC2The C64 Collection 2ZamzaraCommodore 64April 2023Action Platformer11988
HC3Team17 Collection 1Arcade PoolAmigaMay 2023Sports1-21994
HC3Team17 Collection 1Alien BreedAmigaMay 2023Action1-21992
HC3Team17 Collection 1Alien Breed 2AmigaMay 2023Action1-21993
HC3Team17 Collection 1Alien Breed: Tower AssaultAmigaMay 2023Action1-21994
HC3Team17 Collection 1ATR: All Terrain RacingAmigaMay 2023Racing1-21995
HC3Team17 Collection 1Body BlowsAmigaMay 2023Fighter1-81994
HC3Team17 Collection 1Full ContactAmigaMay 2023Fighter1-161991
HC3Team17 Collection 1Kingpin: Arcade Sports Series BowlingAmigaMay 2023Sports1-61995
HC3Team17 Collection 1Project X: Special Edition ’93AmigaMay 2023Shoot 'Em Up1-21993
HC3Team17 Collection 1QwakAmigaMay 2023Platformer1-21993
C29Piko Collection 340 WinksPlaystation 1May 2023Platformer11999
C29Piko Collection 3Legend of WukongMegadrive/GenesisMay 2023RPG11996
C29Piko Collection 3Metal Mech: Man & MachineNESMay 2023Action11990
C29Piko Collection 3Motor City PatrolNESMay 2023Racing11992
C29Piko Collection 3Punch KingGameboy AdvanceMay 2023Fighter12002
C29Piko Collection 3Radikal BikersGameboy ColorMay 2023Racing11998
C29Piko Collection 3Stanley: The Search for Dr. LivingstonNESMay 2023Platformer11992
C29Piko Collection 3Sword of SodanMegadrive/GenesisMay 2023Beat 'Em Up11990
C29Piko Collection 3Super Bubble PopGameboy AdvanceMay 2023Puzzle12002
C29Piko Collection 3Zero ToleranceMegadrive/GenesisMay 2023FPS11994
A10Piko Interactive Arcade 1Burglar XArcadeAugust 11 2023Action11997
A10Piko Interactive Arcade 1Diver BoyArcadeAugust 11 2023Action1-21992
A10Piko Interactive Arcade 1Dragon MasterArcadeAugust 11 2023Fighter1-21994
A10Piko Interactive Arcade 1Fancy World: Earth of CrisisArcadeAugust 11 2023Platformer1-21996
A10Piko Interactive Arcade 1The Legend of SilkroadArcadeAugust 11 2023Beat 'Em Up1-21999
A10Piko Interactive Arcade 1Magic PurpleArcadeAugust 11 2023Platformer1-21996
A10Piko Interactive Arcade 1Master’s FuryArcadeAugust 11 2023Fighter1-21996
A10Piko Interactive Arcade 1Steel Force ArcadeAugust 11 2023Action1-21994
A10Piko Interactive Arcade 1Ultimate TennisArcadeAugust 11 2023Sports1-21994
C30Sydney Hunter CollectionSydney Hunter and the Shrines of PerilIntellivisionAugust 11 2023Platformer12014
C30Sydney Hunter CollectionSydney Hunter and the Sacred TribeSega Master SystemAugust 11 2023Platformer12017
C30Sydney Hunter CollectionSydney Hunter and the Caverns of DeathSNESAugust 11 2023Platformer12017
C30Sydney Hunter CollectionJesterNESAugust 11 2023Action12020
HC4Delphine Software Collection 1Another WorldAmiga28 September 2023Platformer11991
HC4Delphine Software Collection 1FlashbackMegadrive/Genesis28 September 2023Platformer11993
HC4Delphine Software Collection 1Future WarsAmiga28 September 2023Adventure11989
HC4Delphine Software Collection 1Operation StealthAmiga28 September 2023Adventure11990
C31Sunsoft Collection 1Aero the Acro-BatSNES28 September 2023Platformer11993
C31Sunsoft Collection 1ArabianNES28 September 2023Platformer1-21983
C31Sunsoft Collection 1Blaster MasterNES28 September 2023Platformer11988
C31Sunsoft Collection 1Journey to SiliusNES28 September 2023Platformer11990
C31Sunsoft Collection 1Mr. GimmickNES28 September 2023Platformer11992
C31Sunsoft Collection 1Blaster Master BoyGameboy28 September 2023Action11991
HC5Home Computer Heroes Collection 1Attack of the PETSCII RobotsAmiga14 November 2023Action12021
HC5Home Computer Heroes Collection 1Bridge StrikeAmiga14 November 2023Shoot 'Em Up12019
HC5Home Computer Heroes Collection 1Citadel RemonsteredAmiga14 November 2023FPS12022
HC5Home Computer Heroes Collection 1Farming SimulatorCommodore 6414 November 2023Simulator12018
HC5Home Computer Heroes Collection 1Planet X2Commodore 6414 November 2023Strategy12017
HC5Home Computer Heroes Collection 1The Sword of IannaMSX14 November 2023Platformer12017
HC5Home Computer Heroes Collection 1Tanks FurryAmiga14 November 2023Action1-42016
C32Full VoidFull VoidEvercade Native14 November 2023Platformer12023
C33Duke Nukem Collection 1Duke Nukem: RemasteredEvercade Native28 November 2023Platformer12023
C33Duke Nukem Collection 1Duke Nukem II: RemasteredEvercade Native28 November 2023Platformer12023
C33Duke Nukem Collection 1Duke Nukem 3D: Total MeltdownPlaystation 128 November 2023FPS11997
C34Duke Nukem Collection 2Duke Nukem: Time to KillPlaystation 128 November 2023Shooter1-21998
C34Duke Nukem Collection 2Duke Nukem: Land of the BabesPlaystation 128 November 2023Shooter1-22000
C34Duke Nukem Collection 2Duke Nukem AdvanceGameboy Advance28 November 2023FPS12002
C35Goodboy Galaxy/Witch n' WizGoodboy GalaxyGameboy Advance28 November 2023Platformer12023
C35Goodboy Galaxy/Witch n' WizWitch n' WizNES28 November 2023Puzzle12021
C36Demons of Asteborg/AstebrosDemons of AsteborgMegadrive/Genesis28 November 2023Platformer12021
C36Demons of Asteborg/AstebrosAstebrosMegadrive/Genesis28 November 2023Platformer1-22023
HC6The C64 Collection 3AnarchyCommodore 6429 February 2024Puzzle11987
HC6The C64 Collection 3Boulder DashCommodore 6429 February 2024Puzzle1-21984
HC6The C64 Collection 3Break DanceCommodore 6429 February 2024Sports1-21984
HC6The C64 Collection 3Cyberdyne WarriorCommodore 6429 February 2024Platformer11989
HC6The C64 Collection 3Cybernoid II: The RevengeCommodore 6429 February 2024Shoot 'Em Up11988
HC6The C64 Collection 3Deliverance: Stormlord IICommodore 6429 February 2024Platformer11990
HC6The C64 Collection 3ExolonCommodore 6429 February 2024Platformer11987
HC6The C64 Collection 3Heavy Metal ParadroidCommodore 6429 February 2024Action11989
HC6The C64 Collection 3Jumpman JuniorCommodore 6429 February 2024Platformer1-41983
HC6The C64 Collection 3NetherworldCommodore 6429 February 2024Shoot 'Em Up11988
HC6The C64 Collection 3Street Sports SoccerCommodore 6429 February 2024Sports1-21988
HC6The C64 Collection 3Summer Games IICommodore 6429 February 2024Sports1-81985
HC6The C64 Collection 3Super CycleCommodore 6429 February 2024Racing11986
C37Indie Heroes Collection 3Alien Cat 2: Enhanced EditionSNES29 February 2024Puzzle12023
C37Indie Heroes Collection 3Big2SmallGameboy Color29 February 2024Puzzle12023
C37Indie Heroes Collection 3Bone MarrowMegadrive/Genesis29 February 2024Puzzle12021
C37Indie Heroes Collection 3Bubble Seahorse AdventuresEvercade Native29 February 2024Platformer12007
C37Indie Heroes Collection 3Chew Chew MimicNES29 February 2024Puzzle12023
C37Indie Heroes Collection 3Chibi Monster Br4wlNES29 February 2024Action1-42023
C37Indie Heroes Collection 3Donut DodoEvercade Native29 February 2024Platformer12023
C37Indie Heroes Collection 3Doodle World RedrawnBES29 February 2024Platformer12023
C37Indie Heroes Collection 3The Little Tales of AlexandriaGameboy29 February 2024Adventure12022
C37Indie Heroes Collection 3Magic and Legend: Time KnightsGameboy Color29 February 2024Platformer12022
C37Indie Heroes Collection 3Orebody: Binder's TaleNES29 February 2024Platformer12022
C37Indie Heroes Collection 3Skate CatNES29 February 2024Platformer12023
C37Indie Heroes Collection 3Thunder PawMegadrive/Genesis29 February 2024Platformer12019
C38Sunsoft Collection 2Aero the Acro-Bat 2Megadrive/Genesis30 April 2024Platformer11994
C38Sunsoft Collection 2Blaster Master: Enemy BelowGameboy30 April 2024Platformer12000
C38Sunsoft Collection 2Daze Before ChristmasSNES30 April 2024Platformer11994
C38Sunsoft Collection 2Galaxy Fight: Universal WarriorsPlaystation 130 April 2024Fighter1-21995
C38Sunsoft Collection 2Pri Pri Primitive Princess!Gameboy30 April 2024Platformer11990
C38Sunsoft Collection 2Ufouria: The SagaNES30 April 2024Platformer11991
C38Sunsoft Collection 2Zero the Kamikaze SquirrelSNES30 April 2024Platformer11994
C39Piko Interactive Collection 4Bad Street BrawlerNES30 April 2024Beat 'Em Up1-21989
C39Piko Interactive Collection 4Glover (64-bit)Nintendo 6430 April 2024Platformer11998
C39Piko Interactive Collection 4The FidgettsGameboy30 April 2024Platformer11993
C39Piko Interactive Collection 4Mermaids of AtlantisNES30 April 2024Puzzle1-21991
C39Piko Interactive Collection 4Risky WoodsMegadrive/Genesis30 April 2024Platformer11992
C39Piko Interactive Collection 4Sküljagger: Revolt of the WesticansSNES30 April 2024Platformer1-21992
C39Piko Interactive Collection 4Star XGameboy Advance30 April 2024Shoot 'Em Up12002
C39Piko Interactive Collection 4Street RacerSNES30 April 2024Racing1-21994
C39Piko Interactive Collection 4Target: RenegadeGameboy30 April 2024Beat 'Em Up11990
C39Piko Interactive Collection 4Zero Tolerance UndergroundMegadrive/Genesis30 April 2024FPS12022
C40Tomb Raider Collection 1Tomb RaiderPlaystation 131 July 2024
C40Tomb Raider Collection 1Tomb Raider IIPlaystation 131 July 2024
C40Tomb Raider Collection 1Tomb Raider IIIPlaystation 131 July 2024
HC7Thalamus Collection 1Armalyte: Competition EditionCommodore 6431 July 2024
HC7Thalamus Collection 1CreaturesCommodore 6431 July 2024
HC7Thalamus Collection 1Creatures II: Torture TroubleCommodore 6431 July 2024
HC7Thalamus Collection 1HawkeyeCommodore 6431 July 2024
HC7Thalamus Collection 1HeatseekerCommodore 6431 July 2024
HC7Thalamus Collection 1Hunter's Moon RemasteredCommodore 6431 July 2024
HC7Thalamus Collection 1Nobby the AardvarkCommodore 6431 July 2024
HC7Thalamus Collection 1RetrogradeCommodore 6431 July 2024
HC7Thalamus Collection 1SnareCommodore 6431 July 2024
HC7Thalamus Collection 1Summer CampCommodore 6431 July 2024
HC7Thalamus Collection 1Winter CampCommodore 6431 July 2024