Evercade Evolution Cancelled ?

It looks like the free PDF magazine, “Evercade Evolution”, may be put on hold or even cancelled !

The admins on the Unofficial Evercade Fans Facebook group that created it, have repeatedly asked an individual to stop printing it and selling it – these requests have been ignored multiple times, and it seems this particular individual has also edited the magazine and removed any reference to the creation team – this can only been seen as an attempt to pass off all the hard work that went into the magazine as their own.

The admins are very annoyed about this, and rightly so!!
As a result they are rethinking the magazine and are considering cancelling it.

New Evercade Fanzine – Evercade Evolution

The admins over at the Unofficial Evercade Facebook Group have created Issue 1 of “Evercade Evolution” – A PDF Magazine with news, reviews and much more.

The magazine itself and most of the work was done by Liam Isaacs – MASSIVE shoutout to Liam, and the rest of the team, for this great magazine.

It’s fantastic and really shows how much they appreciate the Evercade.

You can download it by clicking here !