Evercade Game Patches

Major thanks to Willems Davy who submitted this info !

Updates on Evercade
Updates on VS
Shows Warning
Rom Patch
Brave Battle SagaPiko Interactive Collection 1Crash condition is fixed.Yes (Firmware Fix)Yes (Firmware Fix)No (not a rom patch)No1.2.0
Devwill Mega Cat Studios Collection 2Fixed debug features being enabledYesYesYesYes2.0.2
DrakkhenPiko Interactive Collection 1Fixed the endingYesYesUnknown (i assume no)Yes1.3.0
Little MedusaMega Cat Studios Collection 1 Crash condition is fixed.Yes (Firmware Fix)Yes (Firmware Fix)No (not a rom patch)No1.2.0
Mania ChallengeTechnos Arcade 1Fixed unable to enter ring or use special movesYesYesYesYes2.0.2
Mystery World DizzyThe Oliver Twins Collectiondisable the PAL option which doesn’t work properlyYesYesUnknown (i assume no)Yes1.3.0
Power Piggs of the Dark AgesPiko Interactive Collection 1No more glitched screen on level completeYesYesUnknown (i assume no)Yes1.3.0
Quest ArrestIndie Heroes Collection 1Fixed bug preventing "good" endingYesYesYesYes2.0.2
Roniu's TaleMega Cat Studios Collection 2Upgrade from demo to full versionProbably in future fw releaseYesYesYes2.1.3
Thunder Hoop Galeco Arcade 1Fix crash if you died on stage 4NoYesNoYes2.0.2
Top RacerPiko Interactive Collection 1No more infinite boostYesYesUnknown (i assume no)Yes1.3.0
Yazzie Mega Cat Studios Collection 2Fixed unsolvable levelYesYesNoYes2.0.2