There are lots of options for retro gaming, both handheld and otherwise, out there – so why choose the Evercade ?

What makes the evercade special is the way in which it’s been packaged and curated.

Games are being released on cartridges, and each cartridge comes in a box with a gorgeous full colour user manual – this makes it VERY collectible.

Also – each cartridge case is numbered so you can see what games from the collection you have, and what ones you might be missing.

Have a look at the The Games Cartridges page to see more.

Also, the games are being specifically picked, so you get a curated collection of games, that are legally licenced – you may be familiar with downloading ROMs for games, but chances are that you’ll end up with 1000s of game ROMs, and you’ll never really play the majority of them.
With Evercade, you get a smaller collection, that a community of people will be playing, and you’ll also to get discover some hidden gems that you probably would never have tried otherwise.