Evercade EXP (and Specs)

Evercade EXP was announced on May 31st 2022

Official Evercade EXP Product Page: https://evercade.co.uk/exp

From Andrew, MD of Blaze

“It has been a huge two years for Blaze. Two years into our journey with Evercade we have published 28 cartridges of iconic retro titles and launched a handheld and home console. Now we are excited to show people the Evercade EXP which is the result of all the feedback we received on our original, successful Handheld. With this new product we are giving
existing Evercade fans a better way to play on the move and new customers a more premium experience. Alongside this we bring two more Arcade Titans in Toaplan and IREM to the system.”
Andrew Byatt, Managing Director of Blaze Entertainment

Key Features

  • Evercade EXP is a new handheld from the makers of Evercade
  • Features premium technology including IPS screen, USB-C charging and built-in WiFi
  • Full support for entire Evercade cartridge library
  • Available Winter 2022, priced at £129.99/$149.99/€149.99
  • Comes with Irem Arcade 1 cartridge collection included
  • Limited edition in exclusive colour and extras available from June 1st to pre-order from Funstock at £179.99
  • Standard edition pre-orders open September 2022
  • Further bonus content to be announced September 2022

In addition to the screen, the EVERCADE EXP features a new TATE mode. The console is designed to be rotated 90 degrees anticlockwise in order to play vertical-orientated games the way they should be played. Rather than stretching the screen or having a very small area, TATE mode allows the screen to be used as the original developer intended, making it perfect for arcade shooters and more. The EVERCADE EXP features two buttons on the left hand side that allow for comfortable play when using TATE mode. The full controller set has also been expanded to include L2 and R2 trigger controls.

18 Built in Games from Capcom

The Evercade EXP features 18 built-in games from world famous publisher Capcom!
Out of the box, no download required, you’ll have access to 14 arcade greats and 4 home console classics including Street Fighter II’: Hyper Fighting, Mega Man, Final Fight™, Ghouls ‘n Ghosts™, Strider, Breath of Fire and more including full TATE mode support!

Launch Video

Capcom Reveal Video

Technical Specs

  • 4.3” IPS Screen (800×480)
  • 1.5Ghz Processor
  • 4GB Built-in Memory
  • Expanded Button Configuration
  • USB-C Charging Port (cable included)
  • Built in WiFi for easy updates
  • 3.5mm Headphone Jack.
  • 720p Mini HDMI Output (cable not included)
  • 3000mA battery for 4-5 hours gaming

FAQ from Evercade EXP release information

What is the bonus content?
The Evercade EXP comes with additional bonus content that we will be announcing in September 2022. Keep your eyes peeled for further announcements before the Standard Edition pre-order launch.

What happens to the current Evercade Handheld?
The original Evercade Handheld will be discontinued and is now an end of life product. We will still continue to honour warranties and support requests from the purchase date of the product. There will be one further update to the original Handheld. Games will work best on the latest firmware and we will no longer support cartridge releases for FW versions 1.3.x and below. However games will be guaranteed to run on version 2.x or higher.

Will there be other online features coming?
Not at this time beyond firmware updates, but much like the Evercade VS, we will be able to add additional features with ease.

Where can I pre-order?
Pre-orders will open for the Evercade EXP in September 2022
Pre-orders for the Evercade EXP Limited Edition from Funstock.co.uk will open June 1st 2022.

Why is the EVERCADE EXP LIMITED EDITION only available in £GBP?
As Funstock.co.uk is a UK based site, it only operates in £GBP. It does ship globally and you can work out the price based on the current exchange rate.

How many games support TATE mode?
At time of writing, we have 15 games that will support TATE mode from our arcade collections:
Technos Arcade 1: Battle Lane Vol 5, Mania Challenge, Minky Monkey, Mysterious Stones.
– Data East Arcade 1: Burger Time, Darwin 4078, Lock ‘n’ Chase
– Atari Arcade 1: Centipede, Millipede, Super Breakout
– Jaleco Arcade 1: Cybattler
– Toaplan Arcade 1: Alcon (Slap Fight), Flying Shark, Tiger-Heli, Truxton

Why an IPS screen?
The Evercade form factor is one of the things that is universally liked, so a higher spec screen would only be beneficial if the whole console was a lot larger. IPS delivers significant gains against a TN panel and other similarly priced handheld devices, while also being readily available and keeping the console affordable.

Why “Winter 2022” for release?
We will confirm an exact release date in September 2022 if we can. However, previous
experience has taught us that logistics for hardware releases is still very variable and it
would be unfair to customers to advertise a date if further logistical issues occur globally.

What systems and versions does the Evercade play?
We refer to our games by era rather than “systems” due to legal issues. But for clarity
reference only, the Evercade currently emulates the following systems: Arcade, Atari 2600,
Atari 7800, Atari Lynx, GB, GBC, GBA, Intellivision, NES (and its regional variants), SNES,
Mega Drive/Genesis, Master System and PSX. All Indie/homebrew titles are either
developed for one of those systems or is native to Evercade. More systems will come to
Evercade in the coming year.

Images of the Evercade EXP