Here are recommended accessories for the Evercade.
These have been tried and tested by Evercade owners so shop with confidence.

Mini HDMI Cables

  • Mini HDMI Adapter from Amazon UK – this adapter allows you to use an existing HDMI cable with your evercade to connect it to an external Screen like a TV or PC Monitor
  • People have been experiencing disconnects with certain HDMI cables and it might be because the Mini HDMI port is slightly recessed into the Evercade – if you’re buying a cable try ang one where the plugs are longer than usual if at all possible.
    There are good reports for the cable that comes with the NeoGeo Mini.


Screen Protectors

Micro USB Cables

USB Chargers


Any headphone should work, however, they must be headphone that do NOT have a built in microphone – if you are having issues with a set of headphones on Evercade, it could be because of this. In case you’re not sure which type of headphones you have check out this guide.


ThisManWorks makes lovely Evercade Stands and sells them on Etsy – check them out here and use the code “EVERINFO” for a 10% discount – check them out here !

Other ?

If you know of any other accessories please let me know about them by posting on the Forums or using the Contact Me page.