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Why the Evercade is the retro system to die for

Written by Ethan N Holloway

In May of 2020, the world was introduced to the Evercade handheld a cartridge-based system with officially licensed games from the likes of companies such as Atari, Namco, Interplay, Data East, Piko Interactive and Mega Cat Studios just to name a handful of the publishers and developers who have released games on the Evercade. So one year later here is why the Evercade IS the retro system to die for.

What Games Does It Play Currently?

By the end of November 2021, there will be 280 officially licensed games to play on the Evercade Handheld and the new Evercade VS home console, so what are some of these games? Currently, the list of available games includes Atari classics like Asteroids, Adventure, Millipede and Centipede, a bunch of fan favourite Namco titles like Pacman, Splatter House 2 & 3, Galaga, Galaxian and Dig Dug, as well as include games from other companies like Data East, Interplay, Piko Interactive, Technos, Mega Cat Studios and Jaleco which leads to the Evercade having games like Earthworm Jim, Booger Man, Coffe Crisis, Double Dragon, Burger Time, Brawl Brothers and Soccer Kid.

What Games Are Coming Soon?

Now that we’ve covered some of the already available games, let’s look at some of the games coming soon. At the time of writing the Evercade has another eight collections to release this year, those include Worms Collection, Indie Heroes Collection 1, Codemasters Collection 1, Intellivision Collection 1, Bitmap Brothers Collection 1, Mega Cat Studios Collection 2 as well as four arcade carts which include Atari, Technos, Data East and Galeco as the developers. Each cart will have between 3 and 17 games which include titles like Speedball, Yazzie, Flea, Worms, Sensible Soccer and Night Stalker.

What Systems Does The Evercade Run Games From?

The Evercade runs emulators for the Atari 2600, Atari 7800, Atari Lynx, Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo, Mega Drive/Genisis, Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, Arcade and the Playstation One just to name a few.

Great For Collectors?

Now comes the obvious question, is the Evercade a great collector’s item for retro game collectors? Well, currently there are sixteen cartridges available to purchase with another eight scheduled for this year, all of which are numbered and come in beautiful clamshell cases with full coloured manuals, making them an interesting piece for a gaming collection. The Evercade has games like Mappy Kids which was originally a Japanese Only arcade game as well as forgotten games saved by Piko Interactive and modern-day homebrew games for retro consoles which are only released on a limited number of cartridges for older systems.

The Evercade handheld is a great way to play some classic retro and modern homebrew games on the go, whilst the Evercade VS will be a great way to play retro games at 1080p on your TV. The Evercade is a great way for collectors new and all to relive some great games from gamings long and ever-expanding history or a modern retro homebrew classic made by a dedicated gaming fan who is a retro enthusiast.

What Does The Future Hold For The Evercade?

Now let’s consider what the future holds for the Evercade family of systems beyond 2021, currently, the only collection we know of which is confirmed with no release date is Intellivision Collection 2. I will say though I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes too high but expect follow up collections for the likes of Data East, Codemasters, Bitmap Brothers, Worms, Indie Heroes, Jaleco, Technos and All Arcade Carts since they are all specified as Collection 1 on the official Evercade website.

Besides the possible follow up carts to the ones listed above the possibilities are basically endless and could be anything from Sega to Taito to Midway to SNK to basically any company who would be willing to license their arcade games and classic retro titles to Blaze Entertainment for the Evercade Family Of Systems, so get you tinfoil hats on and let’s speculate about future collections.

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