Evercade VS (and Specs)

Evercade VS was announced on Friday 23rd April 2021.

Official Evercade VS Page: https://evercade.co.uk/vs

Key Features

  • Retro Gaming Home Console
  • Support for up to 4 players locally
  • Dual Cartridge Slots
  • USB Controller(s) included (Depends on pack if you get 1 or 2 controllers) – The controller has a 3m (10ft) cable
  • Will also support numerous third party USB and wireless controllers, including the Xbox Adaptive controller and 8bitdo wireless controllers.
  • Fully supports existing Evercade cartridge ecosystem. Cartridges (subject to licence) are compatible with both the handheld and VS console to enjoy curated collections of official fully licensed games from top publishers in gaming history. Over 280 (subject to license) by the end of 2021
  • Brand new UI to be implemented with refined style, increased screen feature set and dynamic menu options including sound and library sorting.
  • New controller with increased button selection (full bumper button set) for games.
  • Existing Handheld can be used as an additional controller with a link cable (sold separately).
  • Prices starting from £89.99/$99.99/€99.99

Pre Orders open on 28th May, and delivery will be in November 2021

Technical Specs

  • 1.5Ghz quad-core processor, 512MB DRAM and 4GB internal storage.
  • 4x USB ports for controllers (up to four players supported) with support for third party controllers.
  • HDMI output with 1080p resolution, making it the highest resolution compact gaming system on the market (cable not provided).
  • Updated UI with resolution options (4:3, Pixel Perfect, Full Screen), Scan Line Filters, visual game library and visual save states.
  • Built in WiFi for easy updates and future network enabled features.
  • Dual Cartridge slot for expanded library
  • 5V micro USB power (cable provided, power adapter not included)

FAQ from Evercade release information

Why is there no online play or features?
These are possible in the future, but right now we felt it was right to concentrate on the original experience with limited online features – great gaming with collections of physical cartridges and local multiplayer experiences.
What does “subject to license” mean?
The Namco Museum collections are by contract Handheld exclusives and are only available in Europe only. Therefore those two cartridges will not be compatible with the Evercade VS
Why two cartridge bays?
Having two cartridge bays gives users more freedom of choice with their game selection at any one time, and will enable the visual library to display up to 40 games at any one time. It offers convenience, if you don’t want to change a specific cartridge, or choice if you want multiple game options.
Why no power supply/HDMI cable?
We wanted to limit the cost to the consumer. Our research also shows that many people either already have one, or multiple power supply options or HDMI cables available to them.
What will happen with the Evercade Handheld?
Both the Evercade Handheld and Evercade VS will be fully supported with all cartridges except the aforementioned Namco Museum titles, available on all systems. The Evercade Handheld will also have a UI update as well coming later in 2021 to give the same feature as the Evercade VS.

Image of the Evercade VS and New User Interface