Evercade VS Controller Compatibility

A list of the controller that are, and are not, compatible with the Evercade VS.
If there is a controller that you have tested, and it’s not on the list, please submit the details using the form at the bottom of this page.

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Controller Type
Works ?
Connection Type
Dongle Type
Additional Info
Reported By
VS ControllerYesWired USB-Of course it works with the VS!! 😀@deadl0ck_eire
8BitDo Pro 2YesWireless USB Dongle8BitDo Wireless USB AdapterController in "X" Mode@deadl0ck_eire
8BitDo Arcade StickYesWireless USB Dongle8BitDo Wireless USB AdapterArcade Stick in "X' Mode@deadl0ck_eire
8BitDo Pro 2YesWireless USB DongleMayflash Magic NSArcade Stick in "X' Mode@deadl0ck_eire
8BitDo Arcade StickYesWireless USB DongleGrey 8BitDo Dongle Included with Arcade StickArcade Stick in "X' Mode@deadl0ck_eire
8BitDo SN30 ProYesWireless USB Dongle8BitDo Wireless USB AdapterPeter Hussey
Playstation Classic ControllerYesWired USB-Working since f/w 2.0.3@deadl0ck_eire
Sega Genesis/Megadrive Mini ControllerYesWired USB-
8BitDo M30 2.4G for Sega Genesis/Megadrive MiniNoWireless USB Dongle2.4 GhzWorks in menus but not in gamesRobby
8BitDo TG16 2.4g for TurboGrafx-16/PC & Core Engine MiniYesWireless USB Dongle2.4 GhzCannot map turbo buttonsRobby
X-Box 360 Wired ControllerYesWired USB-It has all buttons required, but R2 & L2 are triggers rather than buttonsRichJ
8BitDo - All controllers connected to PS Classic ReceiverYesWireless USB DongleBluetoothAll connected 8BitDo controllers are only recognized as a PS Classic controller and the menu button can no longer be mapped.Robby
8BitDo SN30 Pro USBYesWired USB-Anthony P
8BitDo Pce Core 2.4G wirelessYesWireless USB DongleSupplied USB DongleOnly has 2 buttons for in game. So needs to be remapped for the game.Anthony P
Hori Real Arcade Pro v HayabusaYesWired USB-Arcade StickKillingRaptor
Retro-Bit Sega Saturn 2.4GYesWireless USB DongleSupplied USB DongleYou have to be in X input mode. (Denoted by the colour led on the controller) It needs to be blue. To activate hold Start+B until the colour changes (Default is D input, Red). I also had to remap the buttons to my preference.Anthony P
PC MouseNoWired USB-@CrowContinuum
Logitech Wireless Mouse + KeyboardNoWireless USB DongleSupplied USB Dongle@CrowContinuum
Logitech Rumblepad 2 (PC)NoWired USB-Navigation impossible and trying to map buttons locked up the console@CrowContinuum
Neo Geo Mini ControllerNoWired USB-@CrowContinuum
XBox 360 Scene It RemotesNoWired USBUSB IR Sensor@CrowContinuum
XBox 360 Wireless Controller Plugged inNoWireless USB DongleXbox 360 Wireless AdapterSome buttons won't interact@CrowContinuum
Xbox 360 KeytairYesWireless USB DongleXbox 360 Wireless AdapterSome buttons won't interact@CrowContinuum
Xbox 360 DJ HeroYesWireless USB DongleXbox 360 Wireless Adapter@CrowContinuum
XBox One ControllerYesWired USB-@CrowContinuum
Pelican XBox 360 Wired ControlerYesWired USB-@CrowContinuum
PS3 ControllerYesWired USB-@CrowContinuum
PS3 Tekken 6 JoystickYesWired USB-@CrowContinuum
PS4 ControllerYesWired USB-@CrowContinuum
Hori Mini PS4 ControllerYesWired USB-@CrowContinuum
Hori RAP4YesWired USB-@CrowContinuum
Nyko PS3 RemoteYesWireless USB DongleButtons need to be mapped quickly@CrowContinuum
Atari VCS JoystickYesWired USB-Difficult to map.@CrowContinuum
Astro City MiniYesWired USB-@CrowContinuum
Turbo Grafx MiniYesWired USB-@CrowContinuum
The C64 JoystickYesWired USB-@CrowContinuum
Retrobit Genesis 6 button ControllerYesWired USB-@CrowContinuum
Retrolink PC NES PadYesWired USB-Shows up as an Retrobit Genesis Controller@CrowContinuum
New Wave Toys Mini Street Fighter II ControllerYesWired USB-@CrowContinuum
Atari Joystick (2600-daptor II)YesWired USB2600-daptor II@CrowContinuum
Atari Keyboard (2600-daptor II)YesWired USB2600-daptor II@CrowContinuum
Custom NES Atari 2600 controller (2600-daptor II)YesWired USB2600-daptor IISort Of@CrowContinuum
Atari Paddles (2600-daptor II)NoWired USB2600-daptor IIResponsive in menus, but doesn't work in games@CrowContinuum
Genesis Controllers (2600-daptor II)NoWired USB2600-daptor IINot compatible with the 2600-daptor II@CrowContinuum
Atari XE Light Gun (2600-daptor II)NoWired USB2600-daptor IIProbably not compatible, lol@CrowContinuum
Retro-Bit Legacy 16 2.4GHz WirelessYesWireless USB Dongle2.4 GhzHas to be set to X input ModeHaydn K
Retro-bit Sega Genesis 2.4 GHz Wireless ControllerYesWireless USB Dongle2.4 GhzMust place controller in Xinput mode by holding start + b or else it won’t work.Robby
Hori Fighting Stick Mini - Nintendo SwitchYesWired USB-AnyZeroHero
Razer Raiju UltimateYesWired USB-Henso
8BitDo SN30 Pro+YesWireless USB Dongle8BitDo Wireless USB Bluetooth ReceiverMay require controller firmware updateLastplace09
Mayflash F-101 Arcade StickYesWired USB-Need to set one switch to NS (For Nintendo Switch) and another switch to DP (For D-Pad) - then use another controller to go into settings and select option to remap. All buttons will map except L2 and R2 so just skip them by holding down any other button for 3 seconds. Then it works fine. None of the current games use L2 or R2 anyway@deadl0ck_eire
8BitDo ZERO (1st edition)NoWireless USB Dongle8BitDo Wireless USB Bluetooth ReceiverButtons work okay but dpad does not respond after setting them.Erik Downie
Retrobit Retrocade ControllerNoWired USB-Sort of works in the menu, doesn't work at all in gamePeteloaf
Mayflash F500 EliteYesWired USB-First Switch: PS3 Second Switch: DPLastplace09
Playstation 3YesWired USB-Jake McNeil
Google StadiaNoWired USB-Able to map the Stadia controller, but unable to save and apply mapping.Jake McNeil
iBuffalo SNES PadNoWired USB-Works in menu and buttons can be mapped. In game no buttons on it or the official VS controller will be recognized.Peteloaf
xinmoYesWired USB--
Razer (Forge) ServalYesWired USB-Select/Start map to < and >, Menu maps to Button in right-hand joystickShaardvark#3310
Mayflash Arcade Fightstick F300YesWired USB-First Switch: XINPUT, Second Switch:DPADPeteloaf
RaphnetYesWired USB--
DOYO Shanwan Arcade Fight StickNoWired USB-2 buttons cant be mapped . Joystick works in menu but not games.Erin Palmer
Xbox Hori Fighting CommanderYesWired USB-Must be switched to Xbox 360/PC mode. D-pad switch needs to be set to DP mode instead of LS.Tyler Nelson
Hori Pokken Tournament DX Pro PadYesWired USB-No dedicated home-button, so ZL or ZR button has to be mapped as home.Paul314
8BitDo M30 2.4G for Sega Genesis/Megadrive MiniYesWired USB-Recognized as an X360 controllerRobby
Retro-Bit Legacy 16 Wired ControllerYesWired USB-Must be switched to X-input mode. ZL and ZR buttons are not mappable.Tyler Nelson
Retro-Bit Sega Genesis 8-button Arcade Pad Wired USBNoWired USB-Kind of works when set to X-inuput mode, but the C and Z buttons are not mappable.Tyler Nelson
Retro-Bit Sega Saturn Wired USBYesWired USB-Must be switched to X-input mode. Shoulder buttons are unmappable. Must map the Y button from the VS controller to one on the Saturn controller or the C and Z buttons won't work.Tyler Nelson
8BitDo M30 Bluetooth GamepadNoWireless USB Dongle8BitDo USB Wireless AdapterWhen switched to X-input mode, it shows in the configuration menu as "8BitDo X-input." In this mode, you can't map the C button or the shoulder buttons. When plugged in directly via a USB-C to standard USB cable and set to X-input mode, it reads as an Xbox 360 controller in the configuration menu. It still will not let you use the C button or shoulder buttons in game.Tyler Nelson
Retro-Bit NES Wired USB ControllerNoWired USB-Works in menus but no buttons work in game. Registers as a "Retro-Bit MD 8 Button" in the configuration menu.Tyler Nelson
Retro-Bit Ryu Dual Link Controller for Genesis/PC/MacNoWired USB-Registers as a "Tomee SNES Wired USB" in the configurations menu. All buttons are mappable and work in game except the D-pad.Tyler Nelson
Retro-Bit Dual Link Controller for SNES/PC/MacNoWired USB-Registers as a "Tomee SNES Wired USB" in the configurations menu. All buttons are mappable and work in game except the D-pad.Tyler Nelson
EasySMX Wired Gaming Controller,PC Game Controller Joystick with Dual-Vibration Turbo and Trigger Buttons for Windows PC/ PS3/ Android TVYesWired USB-Works out of the box without having to switch between input modes. Analog stick and D-pad both work in game. Back trigger buttons don't work in game though.Tyler Nelson
8BitDo - All controllers connected to PS Classic ReceiverNoWireless USB DongleBluetoothRemapping doesnt save. No in game controls, only ui. Cant map menu buttonChristoph
Hyperkin Trooper 2YesWired USB--
Speedlink Competition pro extraYesWired USB-Jason Mohammed
PowerA Xbox Enhanced Wired controllerNoWired USB-PowerA Xbox Enhanced Wired controllerCed
PDP Xbox one Wired controllerNoWired USB-Ced
PDP Afterglow Prismatic wired controller (Xbox one)NoWired USB-Ced
PXN 0082NoWired USB-Does not support XInputAndy Swalwell
PS3YesWired USB--
8BitDo SN30 ProNoWireless USB Dongle8bitdo Wireless Adaptor 2Wireless adaptor firmware v1.00, SN30 firmware v1.38 (works wired)Robert Dean
Neo Geo Arcade Stick ProNoWired USBR2Dork
Neo Geo Arcade Stick ProYesWired USBWorks with latest firmware: 2.0.2R2Dork
PS5YesWired USB-Maps brilliantly. "PS" button works nice as the menu button. Lots of options as every button is recognised so can be mapped how you like!Wilberon McBane
Playstation 2YesWired USB--
Playstation 1 using MP-8866 DUAL USB JOYSTICK adaptorNoWired USB-joyrider3774
Playstation DualShock 1 using MP-8866 DUAL USB JOYSTICK adaptorNoWired USB-no responses in menu'sjoyrider3774
Logitech F310YesWired USB--
Hyperkin Trooper II USBYesWired USB-Select button appears to map correctly but fails in game on atari 2600/7800 titles. Using in conjunction with a 2nd controller makes operation intermittent.Symson
8bitdo m30 2.4g for Sega Genesis/Megadrive MiniYesWireless USB DongleUSBThis controller is in the list as working in menus only... since the last VS update, it does now work in games! 🙂 It does have two extra buttons on the front that you can't assign to anything, but other than that, perfect.Andy Wilton
Mario Kart Racing Wheel Pro Deluxe for Nintendo SwitchYesWired USB-Use wheel’s button assign feature to assign foot pedalsBobby64
RetroFlag Classic USB ControllerNoWired USB--
PS4 ControllerYesWireless USB Dongle8Bitdo Wireless Adapter
Ewent PL3330 USB GamepadYesWired USB-It works on both menus and games, but you need to keep the analog stick button always turned on. Doing that, both directional pad and analog stick will work perfectly.Giuseppe
Xbox elite 2YesWired USB-John Kemery
8bitdo ProYesWireless USB Dongle-
EASYSMX ESM-9110 Wireless Gaming Controller for PC/Android/PS3YesWireless USB Dongle2.4ghz Wi-fiWorks in android mode (middle two rows of LEDs should light up) It defaults to X-input do use mode button to switch to mode 2 (android) it then works well. All face and shoulder buttons work and left analogue stick can be mapped to dpad works well especially for arcade games. Had to use a regular Vs pad in port one n dongle in port 2 to set it up but,once mapped,can be used as player one pad.Nicoman
8BitDo TG16 2.4g for TurboGrafx-16/PC & Core Engine MiniNoWireless USB Dongle2.4 GhzHome button does not work,not maplacho
Cheap generic PSX/PS1/PS2 to USB adapter 'Y' CableNoWired USB-Works on a PS3 to confirm equipment not faulty but VS does not recognise connectionWilberon McBane
cheap PSX/PS1/PS2 to USB adapterYesWired USB-
Mad Catz WWE Allstars Brawl StickYesWired USB-Maps brilliantly. "Home" button works nice as the menu button. Lots of options as every button is recognised so can be mapped how you like!Wilberon McBane
XboxYesWired USB-
Spartan Gear Ksifos Wireless ControllerYesWireless USB DongleSupplied USB DongleYou need to go through the map process for it to work. All Evercade buttons can be mapped and analogue sticks work as well.Marios Evripidou
XBox Series XYesWired USB-
8bitdo Pro 2 (FW 1.08)YesWireless USB Dongle8bitdo USB Wireless Adapter 2 (FW 1.00 to 1.02)Wired connection regarded as XBOX360 controller. Wireless connection (any mode) is classed as PS1 Classic Controller. Menu button CANNOT be mapped, so cannot exit games, have to keep an official controller connected to access that function. Evercade VS FW 2.12. Needs fixed by someone!LBJ
iBuffalo SNES PadYesWired USB-Tested in several games. Works - but no Home button.someguy
iNNEXT USB SNES controllerYesWired USB-Tested in several games. Works - but no Home button.someguy
Logitech f310YesWired USB-
Switch ControllerYesWired USB-
Venom VS 2858 Arcade Fight Stick - Similar looking to Mayflower layoutYesWired USB-Use the following switch settings 1st switch from left PS3/Dinput, middle switch DPAD. I found it only works with the VS controller removed too. Map the settings to standard buttons and the Select/back for SELECT, home/ps for START and the red button start options menu for the grey EVERCADE buttonLawrence Bowyer
PS3 dj hero controllerYesWired USB-
PS4 wirelessYesWired USB-
Hori - Real Arcade Pro.v Hayabusa Nintendo Switch editionYesWired USB-Flick switch to p.c modenamelesslemon
Brook zero piNoWired USB-peedee
AtGames Legends Gamer MiniYesWired USB-A, B, X, Y, Home, Select, and Start work. L1, L2, R1, R2 do not and mapping does not stickWinterSith
8BitDo Arcade StickYesWired USB-
COMPETITION PRO EXTRA USB Joystick (Speedlink)NoWired USB-
Xbox1 controllerYesWireless USB Dongle8Bitdo Wireless AdapterIt works once paired however button mapping fails as it's recognised as a PS1 controller, as such you cannot assign a home button and am unable to quit gamesDave meader
Hyperkin Trooper 2YesWired USB-
EgretYesWired USB-
8bitdo Ultimate Wireless controller (bluetooth version).NoWireless USB Dongle2.4 GhzDongle connects but Controller won't respond on the main menu and can't be mapped.Jeremy
Zero Delay USB Encoder for arcade cabinetsNoWired USB-some buttons work, and left / right in menu but joystick does not work in games and remapping does not helpjoyrider3774
Hori RapYesWired USB-
8bitdo Pro 2 WiredNoWired USB-Did not seem to register with the system at all. Could not be used in menus.ViktorH
X-Arcade TankstickNoWired USB-
Gravis Gamepad Pro USB Wired (early 2000's Mac gamepad)YesWired USB-Styled like original PS1 single analog with joypad/select/start/4 face buttons/4 shoulders and joypad has screw in joystick. No dedicate menu button so mapped to lower right shoulder button.Steven Stanley
Neo Geo Stick 2YesWired USB-Arcade stick for PS3SulidSanke
AtGamesYesWired USB-
Logitech Dual Action P. C. Controller (2010-2015 ish Xbox style)YesWired USB-This is a PC gaming controller that has Xbox controller styling. Recognized in mapping app.Steven Stanley
8bitdo M30 2.4g with bundled usb dongleYesWireless USB DongleMegadrive mini/Genesis miniSo this almost works perfectly. As the bundled usb dongle is designed specifically for mega drive mini, the controller for which has one less button than the evercade Vs, the dongle mimics the input from the home and select buttons. I map select to R2 which works fine but I'm a button down. Tested March 2023 with all updates applied to Vs, controller and dongle.Dave
Playstation 4 ControllerYesWireless USB Dongle8Bitdo Wireless Adapter
8BitDO Ultimate Bluetooth-joystickNoWireless USB Donglewhite dongle - has no pair buttonworks with everything else but strangely not on evercade- any ideas?James lawson
Hori Fighting Stick Alpha (Xbox Series X/S version)YesWired USB-Was recognized as an Xinput device. Worked immediately. Didn't have to change anything. Obviously, the stick can be remapped to your liking, but I use the default button config, so I didn't need to.Joeyboots80
Mayflash f500 eliteYesWired USB-
Stadia controllerYesWireless USB Dongle8bitdo 2Vs sees the controller as a ps classic controller. Not able to map a home button so I use the wired vs controller for the home buttonErick
PowerA PS4 Wired ControllerNoWired USB-This is a joypad with six face buttons and a floating d-pad for fighting games. There are two switches that do things like make the d-pad read as as the left or right analogue stick, however no combination changes the fact that the pad isn’t read at all by VSSeanAA1970
Logitech F710YesWireless USB DongleWorks perfectly out of the box, all buttons mapped and analog stick working as well, no config neededkilazz
Horipad switchYesWired USBDamien Tarask
PowerA GameCube Style Wired Controller for Nintendo SwitchYesWired USBDamien Tarask
Nacon pro compactNoWired USBDamien Tarask
Spectrum Recreated KeyboardYesWired USBDoesn't work as a keyboard - but does as a game controller. Cursor keys move (SHIFT + 5, 6, 7, 8), B fires. Haven't found all the other key combinations yet.DanO
Horipad Mini PS4 ControllerYesWired USB
8bitdo Ultimate 2.4g Wireless ControllerNoWireless USB Dongle2.4 GhzFastlane
Sega big 6 wirelessYesWireless USB DongleA.L.
Atari Single-Player USB Fight StickNoWired USBAndy
Capcom Home ArcadeNoWired USBThe Capcom Home Arcade is a standalone console, but also works as a two person fight stick on pc and ps4. It can however, be modified to work on any platform via readily available mod kits.Simon Hodgkiss-Rogers
8BitDo NeoGeoYesWireless USB DongleIncluded USB DongleNeeds remappingD Smith
Hyperkin XenonNoWired USBLord Shane Gibson
LioncastYesWired USB
Hori Fighting Stick Mini SwitchNoWired USBWorks on menus, don' t recognize left direction in games, except Cathedral and Duke Nukem Remastered (seems that works fine with native games, but no left direction in emulated ones)Molsup
8BitDo TG16 2.4g for TurboGrafx-16/PC & Core Engine MiniYesWired USBWhen using the included MicroUSB cable, the Menu button works normally, but the I and II buttons are inverted.Michael Hayes
8BitDo TG16 2.4g for TurboGrafx-16/PC & Core Engine MiniYesWireless USB DongleWhen using the Wireless USB Dongle, the Menu button is remapped to Start+Select. Keep another controller plugged in to have a working Menu button.Michael Hayes
Kin Hank Super Console Arcade StickYesWired USBWorks without configuring! Tho I configured it for the HOME button to L3. This device registers as an XBOX360 controller.Zornow13
Mayflash Arcade Fightstick F300YesWired USBIt’s reported to have firsts with X input and second switch D input. However mine is instead working with BOTH switches on X input.Zornow13
Taito Egret II mini control panelYesWired USBYou need to use a configured controller to get into the setting menu but once there it will register the Egret mini CP and can be configured.Zornow13
Brook Vivid Wireless Controller For SwitchYesWireless USB DongleWingman XE2http://www.myTVgames.com
8bitdo SNKNoWireless USB Dongle2.4 GhzJ. Dub
Generic PS2 wirelesse (aliexpress)Yes2.4 GhzWorks 100% from the getgo 1-2-3-4 playersJ. Dub
8bitdo 6buttons megadrive PartiallyYes2.4 GhzWorks PARTIALLY. Will not work properly if 2 or more controllers are insertedJ. Dub
Megadrive MiniYesWired USB
8bitdo SF30YesWired USB
8BitDo Pro 2YesWireless USB DongleMayflash NSUpdate the adapter firmware before you get started. I had to set my controller in A mode and the dongle to Xinput. If you have trouble pairing it up try it on a windows machine first then move the paired adapter to the VS.crashline
RetroFlag Classic USB Controller (SNES type)YesWired USBRetropixelados
Retro-bit Origin8YesWireless USB DongleStock 2.4 GHzX-Input works with Menu buttonIngwaR
EgretYesWired USB
8BitDo LiteYesWireless USB Dongle8BitDo Wireless USB AdapterEverything works and it even has a home buttonJoão Bispo
Steam ControllerNoWired USBValve's Steam Controllerdavibobby
Retrobit legacyYesWireless USB Dongle
Nintendo Pro ControllerYesWired USB
8BitDo Ultimate C 2.4G Wireless ControllerYesWireless USB DongleComes with the deviceYou have to use Android/RaspberryPi mode. Unplug dongle. Turn off controller. Plug dongle. Turn controller on by pressing B+Home (hold 2 secs). Then you can map it (Windows mode does not work)Lucke
8bitdo SNK ControllerYesWired USB
LinkshareYesWired USB

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