New Evercade Firmware Update Tool

Evercade have just released a new, much easier to use, firmware update tool, along with firmware 1.3.1.
A Mac version of the tool will be released in January also !

Go get it on the official support page !

Here is the list of bug fixes:

  • Fixed and improved cartridge mounting
  • Fixed buzzing audio when HDMI connected to the device from the handheld speakers
  • Fixed buzzing audio when booting from HDMI
  • Fixed launching issue when switching HDMI (performance boost)
  • Fixed issue with graphics library and improved performance
  • Fixed issue with the menu which prevented hot-swapping certain cartridges
  • Fixed resolution bug with a bunch of titles
  • Fixed typos with German Language
  • Fixed typos with main menu option strings
  • Fixed and improved thermal safety checks
  • Fixed savestate clean up routine

Evercade Firmware 1.2.0 Now Out

Just out – the latest firmware update for evercade is here – check it out here.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Button mapping options in specific games (See the list at the end of this post).
  • Brave Battle Saga on Piko Collection 1 – Crash condition is fixed.
  • Little Medusa on Mega Cat Collection 1 – Crash condition is fixed.
  • Menu “Bloop” sound can now be turned off.
  • FW version added in the Main Menu.
  • More robust save states function for when the unit is turned off.
  • Note: This update includes all 1.1a button mapping fixes.